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When a Mile and a Half is Enough

My Ice Cream Truck is back from the bike shop.  The big, black, two-wheeled tractor has suited me well on the 10 mile loop that I put together for myself on this Patriot’s Day holiday here in Maine. The bike … Continue reading

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Bailing bikes from the Bush

Andy and I were fortunate to escape from the trail this afternoon without broken hips or concussions.  Ice, ice, baby.  Ice that has been present for a couple of weeks had just received a faint dusting of dry snow, which … Continue reading

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Bubbas Roll Through the 2014 Freeze

In Maine,  the past week has recorded the coldest temperatures in the past three years , where even on the coast, I’ve seen reports of -20 F.  Add wind chill and one ice and two snow storms and its positively … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving morning outdoors

My neighbor Andy and I now have a Thanksgiving tradition- an early morning bicycle ride of a couple of hours down and back through Lincolnville Center to Camden Hills State Park, where we have a few routes that we choose … Continue reading

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TD’12 Race- Where’s Andy Hazen?

I DK, no one does. It appears that Andy’s Spot device has not transmitted properly since 6/9/ AM ( yesterday), so we don’t know where he is right now.  You can’t call him, and he can’t call us right now, … Continue reading

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Andy’s going to reach Banff

At 5:30 PM, Saturday, local mountain time zone, I finally picked up a steady stream of GPS points off Andy’s Spot device. Thanks to Cal Latham, who is assisting Andy with digital supports, for listing the procedure for following Andy … Continue reading

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How to Follow Andy ?

My most faithful blog reader, and hiking budddy Tenzing (AKA Clarkie) posted the question many are pondering today: “How can we keep up with Andy’s adventure now that you have left him? My answer is that I am not sure. … Continue reading

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Every Person Needs a Quest

The featured attraction of this morning’s truck ride was viewing one of my favorite towns, Butte, from the highway. Flanked by the gaping maw of the Berkley Pit, the mountainside town looks uneven, slanted even, as it is perched on … Continue reading

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1,100 miles today- road trip over

On the road this morning at 5 AM. We’ve turned over 1,100 miles today and are just about to finish in Livingston, MT. The logo on the beer mobile reminds us of how far we’ve come. My biggest challenge last … Continue reading

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Moving Andy 800 Miles Closer

800 more miles today for the Tundra beer transporter, on top of yesterday’s 644. In Le Roy, NY we were dismayed and too early to view the Jell-O Museum. Although it was Saturday, it still was bumper to bumper around … Continue reading

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