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Still Space to Build Your Own Multifuel Backpacking Stove

Class runs one night on Tues, first week in March.  As of today-  4 spaces left. Make your own multi-fuel backpacking stove! Have fun and learn how to make a lightweight stove that you can use on day hikes and … Continue reading

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White Bike / Cold Darkness

Last night seven fat bike riders covered 11.3 miles at a quick pace over the super compacted snowmobile tread in Lincolnville. It was a loop trip, guided by Jason and Ian, with the Stevens Corner parking lot at Youngtown road … Continue reading

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Snow Walking is Alive and Well…

..even if the book is still out of print. This past week I have been re-reading Garret and Alexandra Conover’s definitive Snow Walker’s Companion: Winter Camping Skills for the Far North. Reading it again makes me wonder if I was … Continue reading

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After the trail: The return of the existential despair

Occasionally I repost material written by others that I feel a connection with. Carrot Quinn has given us one of the best post-thru hike accounts of how it feels to stop walking after exercising 12 hours a day, for day … Continue reading

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Big Bunch ‘o Bubbas Roll Even Further

Steve’s idea to start an hour earlier made good riding possible. For years- nope- wait, how about decades, the Bubbas saddle up at 9:30 AM on Sunday mornings and hit mountain bike trails here in Midcoast Maine. The temperature was … Continue reading

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Why Small Houses Matter

In 1977 my wife Marcia and I were in our twenties. We had just brought Lincoln into the world.  He was two. We lived in a $1,000 used mobile home on a 5 acre south-facing,  piece of peace on the … Continue reading

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Day 5 Moose River Winter Walk

Finishing any multiple day walk ramps my excitement up a notch.  On last days, I have always acted like a horse getting closer to the barn, often speeding up and taking on longer mileage days as the idea of coming … Continue reading

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Day 3 Moose River Walk

Day 3 Moose River Walk Early morning rising is easy when the lights are out at 7 PM.     Hard to believe but it was even colder last night. Pat was up first – his coffee Jones propelling him to head … Continue reading

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Day 4 Moose River Winter Walk

Headed part way out today. Our relaxed breakfast featured fried Hickory Flavored Spam- for Pat and I, but neither Bad Influence nor Matt cared for any at all. I am a true fan of grilled up Spam when I am … Continue reading

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Day 2 Moose River Winter Walk

The sun is finally making it’s showing above the expanse of spruce and fir trees here along the shore of the Moose River. My thumb is already starting to crack in the cold. We spent over 12 hours in the … Continue reading

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