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Big Bunch of Bubbas on Snowshoes

The Bubbas are feeding the mountain biking spirit right up to the doorstep of 2013. Eight of us pounded down one of our riding loops over in the Rockland Bog this morning, donning snowshoes after the Midcoast region was blanketed … Continue reading

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Snowshoeing started today

Since the last appreciable snow feel here on Halloween, the ground has been bare, until yesterday, when we had 6 inches blow in from the northeast. I spent the morning inside, with a package of fluorescent highlighters, plotting possible route … Continue reading

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Adventure Cycling: Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts Ever, 2012 Edition

This time of year, my Twitter feed is jamming up with “Top Ten” lists from 2012. While I think it’s great to compile the best from the avalanche of information that’s that’s cascading over us, most of it is just … Continue reading

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The Cycling Eight- 17 year old girls hit the road, in 1940!

Norma Gilmore (Hamilton, Montana) and seven girlfriends once took a multi-day bike trip on heavy cruiser bikes. Thanks so much from Adventure Cycling for bringing this to my attention! The taste of freedom comes occasionally and in forms that you … Continue reading

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Hiking and Biking in December

Crazy weather here in coastal Maine in December. I do what I can, trying for daily outdoor sessions. A couple of days ago, it was still raining, but I had to get out-  I did a 4 mile hike from … Continue reading

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The Tunnel Creek Avalanche story- New York Times raises the bar for newspapers

Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek, by John Branch In September of 2010, I crossed US Route 2 at Steven’s Pass in Washington state, on day 146 of my walk from Mexico to Canada. At that point, my life … Continue reading

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Armchair adventures- 50 great documentaries

It’s mostly dark, wet, and the ground is unfrozen up here in Maine.  Time to watch more adventure videos.  Thanks to Hiking the Trail for 50 recommendations of videos/documentaries.  Here’s the first round.  There are  40 more to check out … Continue reading

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Movie recommendation: Dersu Uzala

There are video foot-powered adventures, like The Hobbit, that use modern elements and technology to thrill and satisfy fans. This movie is old (1975) , slow-school, and yet superb-  it has intrigue, natural scenery, life and death encounters with the … Continue reading

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Fatbike Conquers the South Pole ?

In two days, Eric Larsen throws a leg over a stock Surly Moonlander and starts his 750 mile solo ride to the South pole. A good introduction to the expedition was posted online on Nov. 9 at Outside magazine’s website.  … Continue reading

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Riding the Bog in December

It was 11 when I left the house and 18 degrees out when eleven Bubbas in the Woods folks rode in Rockland’s Bog this morning. “You ride all year and sometimes don’t get conditions this good out here,” stated Rigger … Continue reading

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