Andy’s going to reach Banff

At 5:30 PM, Saturday, local mountain time zone, I finally picked up a steady stream of GPS points off Andy’s Spot device. Thanks to Cal Latham, who is assisting Andy with digital supports, for listing the procedure for following Andy on Google Earth.
Here’s the process, from Cal:
“I have been tracking Andy on Google Earth. You need to have both the SPOT page and Google Earth up. In the tracking info on the left side of the Tracking page is his LAT/LON. Click on the Plus sign and it opens up with more info about date/time and his last co-ordinates. Highlight those co-ordinates, drag and drop them into the Search Bar of Google Earth, and it will show you just where he is. If you have the “Places” and “Photos” boxes checked on the lower left side of Earth, you will then see all these little photo symbols show up. There are several where Andy is riding now and you can then click on these and get a feeling of what the terrain is like.”
And here is what comes up right now. Looks like he’s somewhere about 40 miles out of Banff. He is right at the lower edge, center on the north shore of the lake. You can see Banff above, near the Transcanada.

So if the race starts on June 8, what the heck is he going to do all day for the next week? Ideas?

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