Uncle Tom’s Guided Adventures: 2017 Schedule

Guided Backpacking Schedule 2017

Uncle Tom’s Guided Adventures  

Private Trip
Camp Denali @ Denali National Park
June 10-20

Presentation at Vose Library, Union, ME  7:00 PM  on  April 13

Midmorning coffee break

Tom Jamrog, Triple Crown hiker, will talk and show photos of his June 2016 hike of the Coastal Portugal Camino, a lesser-known pilgrimage route. Tom will include trip preparation, display contents of his 15-pound pack, and relate his experiences with lightweight backpacking, as well as skills to assist the “graying hiker”.

Presentation at Appalachian Trail Conservancy – Maine 2017 Conference
When: August 6,  9:45-11:15 AM    Where: Colby College – Waterville, ME
Why Walking Matters: Benefits of Walking; Improvisational Skills in Long-Distance Hiking .

Tom Jamrog, Triple Crown thru-hiker, author, and Maine Guide with Uncle Tom’s Guided Adventures.  From the ages of 57 to 63, “Uncle Tom” thru-hiked four National Scenic Trails. Tom reviews the latest research on the physical and mental health benefits of walking, and discusses physical training and mental techniques that can bolster the chances for an aging hiker’s continued successes on the trail.

Private Trip
August 8-25
Newfoundland’s East Coast Trail“One of National Geographic’s Ten Best Adventure Destinations in the World”

The Whole Hundred ! (Abol Bridge-Monson)
September 1-10— SOLD OUT
 Maine’s Hundred-Mile Wilderness is a huge, largely uninhabited region, beginning on the outskirts of Monson, ME. Many thru-hikers consider Maine the best part of the whole 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail.  The Hundred Mile Wilderness appears on many hiker’s Bucket List.    This southbound trip will take place over 9 nights and 10 hiking days, allowing for ample time to settle into a comfortable schedule.We will take advantage of a mid-point resupply service, so that we will not need to carry food for the whole 10 days. This trip is suitable for a hiker who is able to carry 30 pounds on a 10 mile average per day. We’ll stay in lean-tos, and/or tents, space permitting.
Price Includes:  -Ground transportation from Lincolnville ME, mid-point resupply cost ( you provide the food, etc.) packing list, and on-trail skills instruction.  Meal assistance is available by arrangement.
-Up to 2 hours of pre-trip preparation consultation (via phone) is provided to participants.  Group size is limited to 4.
Price: $990
Rentals Available:  Backpack, trekking poles, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove.

Half of Maine’s Hundred Mile Wilderness

P1010004 General Lee, Queso, and Denny dog

Sept. 22-27- three spaces available
Backpack 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail’s Hundred Mile Wilderness. This adventure will take 5 days, hiking north to Abol Bridge. We’ll stay in lean-tos, and/or tents, space permitting. Departing Millinocket via float plane ( Katahdin Air service), we’ll survey the AT as we fly south over our northward path, landing at the midpoint of the Hundred Mile Wilderness at Crawford Pond, where we’ll hike 50 miles north.
Price Includes: Ground and air transportation from Lincolnville ME, packing list, and on-trail skills instruction. Pre-trip preparation consultation (phone) is provided.
Group size is limited to 3 clients.  Price: $650.
Rentals available: Backpack, trekking poles, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, stove, cook set.   Link: My 2014 Half the Hundred Mile Wilderness blog report

1 Night Workshop- Tues. October 17, 2017
Make your own multi-fuel backpacking stove! 
Have fun in making a lightweight stove that you can use on day hikes and on backpacking trips. Created from metal cans and fasteners, these downdraft stoves are compact. They efficiently burn wood, liquid fuel, and solid fuel tablets. Each participant will be assisted in drilling, cutting, and fastening component parts to make their own stove and also receive instruction in lighting and tending the stove.  Class size is limited. Registration $20, plus $10 for materials to be paid to the instructor. 1 night 6:00-8:30 p.m. Class Tues., October 6, Camden Hills High School, Room 112.

19th Annual Winter Camping Symposium-Camp Miller, Sturgeon Lake, MN
I will present a couple of workshops at this event. Thursday Oct 26th -Sunday Oct 29th
Camp Info: (218) 372-3188    E-mail: info@wintercampingsymposium.com

Private guided trips are also available by arrangement. If your Bucket List includes backpacking, consider contracting with me to help assure your success. For example, I have successfully guided individual hikers to the summit of Katahdin.  References available on request.

Contact Information:
207-230-4156 (cell, texts)
Trip reservation can be secured with a 50% deposit.

ME: Registered Maine Guide, Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Certified School Psychologist. I am also a Triple Crown Backpacker who has successfully thru-hiked over 8,000 miles on the three major long distance US trails- Appalachian Trail (2007), Pacific Crest Trail (2010), Continental Divide Trails (2013).IMG_2896 Successful backpacking requires engaging in a learning curve that is populated with multiple discomforting experiences. That list is agonizingly long: blisters, foot pain, shin splints, knee issues, dehydration, hypothermia, falls, burns, cuts, wild animal encounters, giardia, poisonous plants, and more. Too many of these experiences clumped together have the potential to cut short one’s hopes to connect with the actual experience of engaging in the natural world. I know what works. My unique background and training has prepared me for assisting clients, both novice and experienced, to prepare for a successful wilderness experience by bolstering mental preparedness as well as advising clients about gear selection and on-trail techniques.

P1030010 We learn best by watching and then doing. More experienced backpackers can sharpen their own skills and gain “an edge” by watching and learning from a hiker who has accumulated over 10,000 hours in mastering the extensive skill set of this unique solo sport.

Private guided trips are also available by arrangement. If you have a Bucket List that includes backpacking, consider the advantages of contracting with me to help assure your success. For example, I have guided individuals to the summit of Katahdin. References available from hikers that I have assisted in this manner.