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Pile ‘o Discount Flashlights

So, right after I reviewed the $110 Surefire Defender para military device, this full page ad from Ocean State Job Lot with dozens of deals shows up in the Bangor News-   “6 Pack of 9 LED Flashlights”  for $10- … Continue reading

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Gear Review – Surefire E2D LED Defender

Weight: 5.6 oz.     Price  $110 The Surefire Defender was loaded to me by my friend Chris, who is usually right on with his gear recommendations.  I didn’t know why someone would pay over $100 for a palm sized flashlight, … Continue reading

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PCT Completion Medal

I met Eric Ryback on April  25th this year while I was attending the 2009 ADZPCTKO .  Eric was the first person to thru hike the PCT, back around 1970 when he just graduated from high school. Prior to his … Continue reading

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Improved, Better Posts

I’m thrilled with current testing my new 4G IPod Touch, which now gives me the ability to take video and photos with the device. In the future, I can record HD video and still shots from the device and post … Continue reading

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Warrantee service from Arc’teryx sucks!

Back in July, in Mammoth Lakes, CA,  I shelled out $325 for an Arc’Teryx Altra 65 backpack .  It appeared to be just right for me, with enough features to earn it Backpacking Magazine’s 2010 Pack of the Year award.  What … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

Today marks the official transition back here from the six months of backpacking California, Oregon, and Washington that is documented in my Pacific Crest Trail Journal . I’m going slow today, and enjoying my re-entry. It’s not all easy, but … Continue reading

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Back from 2,650 mile thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail

    It’s been almost a week since I’ve arrived home. My backpack is still partly full, sitting right beside me. My inability to completely empty it and put it away is diagnostic of my reluctant, part-way re-entry into what … Continue reading

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