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Mental Prep for Hiking

I have been reading hiker journals lately, including my own. While reading from the Stoic literature, I came upon this quote, from ancient Greece, that captures the essence of my years of hiking and research. Substitute hike for life and … Continue reading

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My First Bike Commute of the Year

Originally posted on maine: the way life turned out:
I wake up at 4am and start looking out my French doors into the darkness of my backyard. ?It should take me about an hour, I keep telling myself, the last…

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When a Mile and a Half is Enough

My Ice Cream Truck is back from the bike shop.  The big, black, two-wheeled tractor has suited me well on the 10 mile loop that I put together for myself on this Patriot’s Day holiday here in Maine. The bike … Continue reading

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Ancient Indian Highways in Knox County- Kerry Hardy- April 10 | Camden Public Library

Local historian and cultural anthropologist, Kerry Hardy,  is giving a presentation at the Camden Library.  Hardy’s topic will be the old Indian highways and roads of the early days in Knox County. “Some of my co-conspirators for the field trips … Continue reading

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2016 Backpacking Schedule- Uncle Tom’s Guided Adventures

Guided Backpacking Schedule 2016 June 7- July 6, 2016   Private backpacking trip August 15-19, 2016– Half of Maine’s Hundred Mile Wilderness Suitable to those with limited backpacking experience.  We will walk 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail on this remote … Continue reading

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Got Older, Got Better

It’s crazy! I am improving at biking, despite collecting Social Security. Strava tells me it’s so.  Strava is my favorite App. This one data set sums up my activity for 2015. I logged 406 hours of physical activity in 2015, … Continue reading

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On the Couch After the Sugarloaf Fat Tire Festival

“If I was a cell phone, I’d be at eighteen percent right now,’ mumbled John as he lay sprawled on the condominium’s couch as thirteen Bubbas settled into a much needed retreat after I logged 15 miles on the snow … Continue reading

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