Hello world!

This is my official entry into the world of web logs. I miss writing more often, like I was doing on a daily basis for the 6 months that I thru-hiked the Appalachain Trail this past year. So I decided to keep doing it. Sure, I am physically off the Trail right now, but so much of it is still right here. Stuff I never expected.

Like the virtual thru hike of the AT that I am completing through my health insurance membership. Anthem Rewards has a motivational gimmic on the web where you log either your steps ( from a pedometer), or the minutes you were walking and they track your progress along the AT. It is fun to move along and see the photos of shelters that I recognized .

So we will see what comes up. I plan to list books I have been reading, movies that fit this theme, look at some gear that I like to use, make even make little movies that can come on here somehow. And I plan to get out there and do stuff, like the upcoming 5 day snowshoe trek up in northern Maine in February.

And I’ll sign off as Uncle Tom, for now and see how that goes. All the best to all the rest.