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Home Made Energy Bars

These bars are not cooked.  They are kept in the freezer until the day I need them.  I modified the original recipe from the March 2009 issue of Outside magazine.  These are just a bit cheaper than the commercial products,  … Continue reading

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Winter Camping at Acadia National Park- Day 3 of 3

Our final night was punctuated by strong winds and a rapidly dropping thermometer,  twin siblings of a high front moving in from the northwest.   The moon was out and the interior of the white cotton tent was remarkably bright. On … Continue reading

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King Pirogi Band

jpg-1-4 Originally uploaded by mokirkham I’m sort of stretching the concept of outdoor activities, but here we are today, hard at work practicing the flourishes that we have worked on for so long that shore up and hopefully embellish the … Continue reading

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Winter Camping at Acadia National Park- Day 2 of 3

Spent the evening engaged in my typical tossing and turning on the first night out. I heard rain hitting the tarp in the night and was none too eager to launch out into the day, so when V8 told me … Continue reading

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Winter Camping at Acadia National Park- Day 1 of 3

With somewhere in the neighborhood of three million visitors a year, who’d believe that you can just walk in and have your pick of any campsite at Acadia National Park’s Blackwoods campground? It might take a visit on a February … Continue reading

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Top Shelf Novel Set in Newfoundland

The Custodian of Paradise: A Novel by Wayne Johnston My review rating: 5 of 5 stars Massive book. The author, Wayne Johnston, has perception and skills far above anyone else I have remembered reading. Johnston is a native of Newfoundland. … Continue reading

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High Street Personalities

I  had planned to hit the gym early and do a Spinning class, but it didn’t  happen.  Things worked out, as they do, and the day was warm and the road was melted down.  I put the orthotics in , … Continue reading

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A True Story of Appalachian Trail courage

Check out this 4 page newspaper article about a young man who somewhere inside found what it takes to make it: Blind Faith,  written by Jeremy Markovich on Jan. 1, 2009.

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