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Uncle Tom’s CDT Packing List

Did I forget anything?Comments, please. All comments answered. 1. Pack Group: 1 Backpack – HMG Porter…………………                  31.0 ounces Total……………………………………………..                   31. ounces =  1.9 lbs. 2. Shelter Group: rain wrap                                            … Continue reading

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My review of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business

Read this book in two days, it was that fascinating. Very well written, and offered a wide range of examples of the obscure to the most famous “habit gurus”, like Tony Dungy, who took one of the worst teams in … Continue reading

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Bubbas Handle Bar

I’m no barfly. I can count on one hand the times when I’ve walked into a bar, alone, and schmoozed along in there. Fact Check #1- Actual years have gone by between my extremely occasional bar visits. However, I went … Continue reading

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Why I am pleased to spend $500 on maps

To thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, you don’t even need maps, or resupply boxes. There are 165,000 2” by 6” painted white blazes along the length of the Trail, with the vast majority of them within sight every moment you are … Continue reading

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Big week of preparing for the CDT

There are exactly two months left before I’m actually walking on the Continental Divide Trail. Weeks go by where I don’t do much to get ready for this trip, but these past few days saw a major ramp up in … Continue reading

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Dreaming of the Trail

campfire cologneVimeo clip. Less than two minutes long, but definitely hooked me up to the world I love and hope to be experiencing on April 17.

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Why Every Other Day Might = Better Activity Results

I’ve recently spoken to two of my friends who have bemoaned the fact that they can’t exercise every day like they used to, and that they feel the need for a rest day in between sessions. I agree. Here’s encouraging … Continue reading

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why this Customer declined Mountain Hardware’s Pro Deal

I have superb black shell Mountain Hardware Ventigators (gaiters) that I have become most fond of, but that are now a disappointment. I have used the gaiters, off and on, since I purchased them Virginia when thru hiking the Appalachian … Continue reading

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My Personal Challenges of Aging

It’s happening again. I am headed into an unplanned surgery this coming Friday to repair a hernia. Bummer. I will be on a much reduced program of healing for as long as 6 weeks. I have a plane ticket already … Continue reading

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Core workout before big blizzard pays off !

Single digit temperatures, a bare porch, and a blizzard on the way? Better get active. I moved a half cord of firewood yesterday afternoon before the next “possible snow storm of the century” hit coastal Maine. Big hype? My tractor’s … Continue reading

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