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“We’re not lost, we are just finding our way”

Lately I have been seeking out and watching western movies. I’ve seen dozens since I have returned from my 5 month backpacking trip over the Rocky Mountains, in completing the Continental Divide trail. I like viewing these movies because seeing … Continue reading

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I meant to tell you

Originally posted on CARROT QUINN:
About December and January, but then I didn’t, and now January is practically over. It went like this: I got systemic poison oak, my face swelled up, I didn’t want to get steroids. I stopped…

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How To Live In A Heated Tent

Three buddies are heading up with me to the Jackman, Maine wilds next week for a five day winter camping trip. Read another superb blog post from UK’s Paul Kirtley, blogger, wilderness bushcraft instructor, and general expert in outdoor skills. … Continue reading

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Coldest ride yet?

Steve said no.  Sheesh! It was 12 degrees when we started and 12 degrees when five Bubbas completed this Sunday’s ride at the usual winter place, departing from Warren Community School parking lot. There had been an ATV out there, … Continue reading

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“No water for 80 miles” -Deets

Replaying “mind tapes” from Wyoming, on the Continental Divide Trail today- through the bleak expanse of the Great Basin. Watching an old DVD- Lonesome Dove -with Tommy Lee Jones, Ricky Schroeder, and Robert Duvall. My Lord- what I have experienced … Continue reading

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Careful! Inter-Web Info may physically wreck you

I am not 70, but closing in.  I enjoy reading about health and aging.  This article from Outside magazine was right up my alley.  I am also a subscriber, so I trusted it would be useful.  It is- mostly, but … Continue reading

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Basic GPS setup via Starman

I carried a Garmin eTrex 30 for 5 months over 2500 miles in 2013 on my Continental Divide thru hike. I was not alone in relying on the device to find my way.  When I was preparing for the hike  … Continue reading

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Gulf Hagas Winter Walk

I’ve visited Gulf Hagas a few times over the years, the last time in 2007, as I was finishing up my thru- hike of the Appalachian Trail.  Back then, it was a warm day in September, and we took a … Continue reading

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Liking Little Lyford Cabins

I  left the house at 9 AM and rolled into Greenville down past the Indian Hill trading post exactly at 11. No matter how many times I’ve seen it, the view of Moosehead Lake unfolding downhill stuns me.  Today, the … Continue reading

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Fatbike Says Bye-Bye to Ice

Sunday’s ride marked the end of our visit on top of  the remains of the ” crystal palace”  around here in coastal Maine.  The ice that we have encountered for the past couple weeks is  gone. Five riders made a … Continue reading

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