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Technology Embracing the Mothers of Invention By DAVID POGUE Published: January 25, 2012 Kickstarter is a site where creative people solicit start-up money for various projects (and you can read Pogue’s article about the concept web site by clicking the … Continue reading

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Bubbas On Ice

I have never bicycled over as much frozen water. I’d estimate that 40 % of the riding this morning was on solid ice, of which there were two forms. One was “smooth as glass”, and the other a bumpy surface … Continue reading

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Fat bikes pushing cycling into the snow — Bangor Daily News

I plan to “fatten up” tomorrow on my Pugsley. Excellent general introductory article in today’s BDN about these magical, yet relatively inexpensive, machines. Fat bikes pushing cycling into the snow — Bangor Daily News.

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Fatbikerafting the Arctic

I just backed this astounding EXPEDITION . I’m into fatbikes, winter travel, adventure and Alaska. It has to happen! Please check it out and you will see that $25 is a great sacrifice to this cause. I gotta see the … Continue reading

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Gear tip from Andrew Skurka

Skurka backpacks with two pairs of socks. I take three, and no matter what, ONLY put on my wife’s home made lightweight woolen socks for sleeping. Click here for a repost of Skurka’s blog entry on this topic

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Book Review Yogi’s CDT Handbook- Planning Guide

I’m giving Yogi 4 out of five stars on this brand- new 2012 version of her 2007 thru-hiking hiking guide. While this book targets the unique challenges of the Continental Divide Trail, it can also be seen as an updated … Continue reading

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Swimming pool and firework

Having a great time today with the vitamin D therapy here in Florida. I hit the hot tub, swimming pool, and even laid out in the warmth of the sun this afternoon, in my bathing suit. So easy to camp … Continue reading

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Where’s Uncle Tom?

I just bought a cup to save on coffee expenses while camping in Florida this week. The cup cost me $15.44, but I get unlimited refills while I’m here. I’m on my 3rd cup and it is only 10 AM. … Continue reading

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Get smart on the trail

Encountered some stretchy thinking in a guidebook I am reading: Just because you did’t see any bears when you were singing doesn’t = singing kept the bears away. It’s not true in Boston, MA and it might not be true … Continue reading

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How’s a snow bike handle in the snow?

I didn’t plan to ride on the snow today. But when I spotted a couple of hungry-for-action snowmobiles go whining across the 20 acre hayfield across the nearby stone wall I changed my mind. I want to see what this … Continue reading

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