Hello world!

This is my official entry into the world of web logs. I miss writing more often, like I was doing on a daily basis for the 6 months that I thru-hiked the Appalachain Trail this past year. So I decided to keep doing it. Sure, I am physically off the Trail right now, but so much of it is still right here. Stuff I never expected.

Like the virtual thru hike of the AT that I am completing through my health insurance membership. Anthem Rewards has a motivational gimmic on the web where you log either your steps ( from a pedometer), or the minutes you were walking and they track your progress along the AT. It is fun to move along and see the photos of shelters that I recognized .

So we will see what comes up. I plan to list books I have been reading, movies that fit this theme, look at some gear that I like to use, make even make little movies that can come on here somehow. And I plan to get out there and do stuff, like the upcoming 5 day snowshoe trek up in northern Maine in February.

And I’ll sign off as Uncle Tom, for now and see how that goes. All the best to all the rest.

7 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Rachel

    Welcome back to the blog, Tom! I have missed reading your entries. They always made me reflect on my life and, for that, I am grateful. Hope you keep it up!


  2. Chris

    Thanks for remembering me/us out here Tom. I wonder sometimes how your “re-adjustment’ after the hike is going. I have also been reading the pre-hike and prep entries of your better half, and must say she is fine writer too. I’m looking forward to following her adventures next spring. Take care….


  3. Chris

    Amoungst other things Tom, I’m kind of a weather nut and have my own weather station which can be found on the web when I have the PC running. Anyway I like to use Weatherunderground to enter zip codes and towns around northern New England, especially Maine on nights like these. You may be interested to hear that our low temp last night was a “balmy” 4 degrees F and the current temperature here is 2F out near the door yard, so it’s a good bet we’ll go below zero tonight. Thought you might get a kick out of reading that we’re darn near a cold as you folks up there in God’s country. Take care Tom.


  4. tjamrog

    I love hearing from you folks. Thanks for taking the time to post. I plan to try posting daily for a month or so and then see how that has worked out for me. So far , so good.


  5. Hank

    Hay Tom, You continue to be an inspiration to me. Of all the years that I have known you, you are never still…always growing. Now that I have found your blog, I look forward to your journy. See you Monday night.
    p.s. Another Tattoo????


  6. kevin

    I was thinking about you just recently due to your love of the outdoors. I just this past week treated myself to a personal day and headed to the mountains of western Maine. Friday the snow was deep with a good 10 – 14 inches of champagne powder. You know how much I love to ski and I have to tell you the skiing is incredible. At little Mt. Abram it was like being in Park City, UT. The snow was that light and that deep.
    The best part of the day was due to the fact I was alone most of the day. There were very few people skiing that day so it was just me, my patrol uniform, allowing me full mountain access, and the the freedom of thought and adrenaline propelling the entire experience.
    It is great to read your updates and I look forward to seeing the new body art. Hey, along the accordion lines, talk to me soon about a new R&B band I just recently joined. Well, that’s all for now, my friend, good to hear from you.



  7. James

    I was a HUGE fan of your trail journal and I was completely bummed when you had completed the trail, not because you completed the trail but because your journey had ended and in a sence, it had ended for me. I posted on you trail journal back when you were hiking, I am friends with Rangoon. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I found your blog and I am excited to continue reading your blogs. Thanks for sending me some inspiration!



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