Embracing Risk

Hank Lunn and I are co-leading a 90 minute workshop at Maine Coast Men’s weekend gathering of men. We were inspired to share our enthusiasm ( and fears) about if after reading the national bestseller Stealing Fire.

Consider attending! The price is right, and the risk of the weekend experience has proved to be transformative for many of us men.

For more info, including registration form and details go to mainecoast men.com .

Do the Health Benefits of Coffee Apply to Everyone? | NutritionFacts.org

In slow metabolizers, daily coffee consumption appeared to double the odds of a heart attack, or even quadruple the odds at four cups a day, whereas in the rapid caffeine metabolizers, daily coffee consumption was protective, cutting the odds of heart attack by more than half—or at least until you get up to four or more cups a day. 

Genetic differences in caffeine metabolism may explain the Jekyll and Hyde effects of coffee.
— Read on nutritionfacts.org/video/do-the-health-benefits-of-coffee-apply-to-everyone/

Pulling Back the Bow

I don’t have a regular schedule.  With self-employment work comes and goes, and the number of hours the I devote to working for others is up this time of year and then ends abruptly in early June.  Weekends are sometimes not much different that my weekdays,  especially on Saturdays, but this one as different.

I began my day at 5 am where I sat to meditate for 35 minutes, as I have been doing for the past 49 years.  After my meditation, I ran the SweetBeat App for 3 minutes and took my daily heart rate variability reading, which showed a change from usual, alerting me that this would be a good day to take it easy, not push my physical activity with a bike ride or hike,  an deal with any potential stressors that were affecting my  well being.  I’m a big fan of data :  “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it.” – Lord Kelvin

Next, I decided to consult the Ching.  I have explored several systems that assist in  interpreting the results, and have come to rely on Carol K. Anthony’s A Guide to the I Ching, Third Edition.  The print version of the book is what I use at home, but I also have it on my Kindle, so can access it when I am out on a travel adventure.

There are 64 possible outcomes when you throw the Ching and today my hexagram was described as Thunder.  Anthony’s citation from this hexagram was essentially that, ” shock is good”.   Find a new answer.  Life has cosmic structure , and we are meant to find’s our life’s meaning.  Receiving his hexagram reminds us that we are in danger of falling back into old patterns of doubt, and to correct the situation promptly.

“Shock, on the whole, is meant to make us recognize our natural limitations; until we do, the situation meetings a vise–like  quality.  The cosmic hammer pounds at our consciousness until we wake up to the inner reality.”

I paired today’s I-Ching reading with my HRV results to arrive at the conclusion that I would use the day to complete things that I have been procrastinating about.  I finished unpacking the remainder of my gear from my winter camping trip a couple of weeks ago.   I was finally able to take down my cotton tent that was finally dry and pack it away in an upstairs closet where it has escaped any mouse holes for the past 15 years. I did the same with a few tarps.  I returned a couple phone calls, sent out several emails, bought the rest of the ingredients to me to make granola.

I devoted a couple of hours to researching background material for my new book.  I read the first three chapters of – “Stealing Fire:  How Silicon Valley, the Navy Seals, and Maverick Scientists are Revolutionizing the Wat We Live and Work

While the I-Ching was not mentioned in the book, both meditation and heart rate variability were.

My day was restorative, and I trust that tomorrow, I’ll have my mojo back and ready for a 30 mile bike ride, where I’ll join 126 other bikers in the Frost Heave Fondo.

Hello, spring!