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Return to Hiking the Best in the West: Absoroka Range/ Montana

I’m staying along the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley, at the western foot of the Absorokas, considered one of the greatest mountain ranges in North America. The peaks are unusually rugged, and tower up to 10,000 feet in elevation. This … Continue reading

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Flashback to today’s date in 2013

I’m in Montana again for a week! It feels so good to be here- mostly due to waking up to 43 degrees outside our room here at the Lewis and Clark Motel.  I am so pleased to be out of … Continue reading

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Scott Jurek vs. Baxter State Park: Next Move?  

Here’s Scott Jurek’s blog post about his Baxter State Park experience.  Scott writes that he was issued three summonses while hiking in the Park. On this blog post, Scott accepted responsibility for any rules that he may have broken, however, … Continue reading

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Baxter State Park’s backlash reflects larger issue?

It’s Party-on meets the Guardians of Wild time here in Maine. For the past week, there has been a heated and expansive  discussion on Facebook, Twitter, and  gear/outdoor adventure-related  blog/websites in response to the legal action that Maine’s Baxter State … Continue reading

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Oh, well..the product placement begins

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Throwback Thursday- Continental Divide Trail- July 15, 2013

I have been able to spend 1-2 hours a day, each morning this summer, as I plod through  finishing a book about my 2013 CDT hike.  The process involves me editing  all my Trailjournal entries from that trip,  reviewing my … Continue reading

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Ultrarunner Will Not Set Appalachian Trail Speed Record Alone – Beyond the Edge

Check out this super story from National Geographic:  Ultrarunner Will Not Set Appalachian Trail Speed Record Alone – Beyond the Edge. Scott Jurek’s Delorme tracker located him him in Monson last night at 10:45 PM .  He’s still there (tracker … Continue reading

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Scott Jurek and the #AT Appalachian Trail #FKT

Originally posted on – Photography, Writing, Talk Ultra Podcast:
He needs no introduction; Scott Jurek is an icon in the sport of ultra running. He has won Hardrock 100, Spartathlon, Badwater 135, raced over 24 hours and of…

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Strava and Suffer Scores, at Six Months

Goals matter.  At least they do to me! We’re half way through 2015. I have the data to prove it.  With an ever-present computer not far from our reach, it is relatively easy to get numbers.  For me, numbers count. … Continue reading

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