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First Review In For My New Book!

Read George Smith’s review here  

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What I learned from David Pelly

I plan to devote several blog posts to presentations from the 2017 Snowalkers Rendezvous in Fairlee, VT. The quality of the presentations is top notch, with several giants of northern adventuring in the line up.   Here is the first: David … Continue reading

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“November 20th BEHOLD, NOW AS EVER “If you’ve seen the present, you’ve seen all things, from time immemorial into all of eternity. For everything that happens is related and the same.” —MARCUS AURELIUS, MEDITATIONS, 6.37

The events that will transpire today are the same as the things that have always occurred. People living and dying, animals living and dying, clouds rolling in and rolling out, air sucked in and sucked out, as it has for … Continue reading

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Book !

The softcover book lists for $ 28.95, with 286 pages, including 34 pages of full color photos. Most pages have two photos.  Originally written on my iPhone, additional dialogue and background was added. Over 50 hours of professional editing completed … Continue reading

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Improvising Through Simplifying

For the last 3 days, our house has been without electricity, due to an October 30th storm that downed power lines all over the state of Maine. We’re back into a simpler life style – out to camp. Its in … Continue reading

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