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Yellowstone Revisited

Spent the day at Yellowstone National Park. It is the fourth time that I have visited there, and the first time that I have been in the Park in early summer, when the landscape is still green and not in … Continue reading

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When General Lee Saved Dreams – Pacific Crest Trail Journal

I just received a repost of a June 24, 2010 Trail Journal entry from Dreams.  Dreams hooked up with MeGaTex for a few days as we all were backpacking through the  Sierra on our 2010 Pacific Crest Trail thru hikes.  … Continue reading

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Amtrak’s Magic Wears Thin

It’s 7:15 pm on the third and hopefully last day of our cross-county Amtrak ride from MA, Montana. I booked this ride for my mom and I last October, after being wowed by the stunning experience in Glacier National Park, … Continue reading

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Week 2- Seeking Midcoast’s Maine’s Tastiest Fried Clam

I recently sampled the fried clams at two establishments that were recommended to me by readers: Lincolnville’s Chez Michel and The Red Barn in Augusta. Chez Michel’s:  I was Father’s Day, with Auntie Mame picking up the bill, so we … Continue reading

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On Hitchhiking Across America

Many of you know that I’ve spent a year and a half of my last 7 years backpacking across America.  What you might not know that one of the skills that one must learn on these long hikes is hitchhiking. … Continue reading

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Seeking Midcoast’s Maine’s Tastiest Fried Clam: Week 1

I kicked off my search by visiting Two iconic Maine restaurants this week:  Moody’s Diner (Waldoboro) and The Lobster Pound/Andy’s Brew Pub (Lincolnville Beach). Some background: Raised in southeastern Massachusetts, I loved fried clams. I believe that I ingested the … Continue reading

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40 sticks of butter and the vitamin D blues

Summer is not official yet, but already it’s easier to get out and do things-walk around in shorts, forget concerns about taking a jacket, and what about those extended hours of sunlight where walks and rides are possible after dinner … Continue reading

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My book review of “A Long Way From Nowhere: A Couple’s Journey on the Continental Divide Trail”

      This co-authored husband and wife book bears considerable resemblance to the last married couple thru-hike book I read-I Promise Not to Suffer- A Fool for Love Hikes the Pacific Crest Trail. That book was about the Pacific Crest while … Continue reading

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Riding the Kingdom Trails- Day 2/3

“It’s a serious uphill,” said Rigger as we were both laboring up another segment on our second day of riding in Vermont. Rigger was hurting. In the first 10 minutes of the ride this morning, Rigger took a digger, when … Continue reading

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