Riding the Kingdom Trails- Day 2/3

“It’s a serious uphill,” said Rigger as we were both laboring up another segment on our second day of riding in Vermont. Rigger was hurting. In the first 10 minutes of the ride this morning, Rigger took a digger, when he slid sideways off a narrow elevated wooden bridge section of trail. I wasn’t around to see it. Rick told me that he watched Rigger pitch sideways and land on his hip, then bounce off the edge of the wooden bridge and land on his elbow. When you have a crash, it sometimes affects your confidence. When it happens early, it could dampen your whole day. Even I was affected by it. I consider Rigger to be a low speed, technical riding expert and his fall crushed my enthusiasm for any more sliding and screaming on those sections of lubricated, slimy boards.

But in the end, the ride prevailed and I had racked up 22.2 miles of either high speed thrills and chills or granny gear creeping up the Vemont hills.
What a treasure these Kingdom Trails are to us mountain bike riders in the northeast. It never even mattered that two inches of rain had fallen here recently. The geology of this set of mountains and hills is such that beaucoup sand is just beneath us, draining the trails of any of the ridiculous mud pits we endure this time of the year back home in Midcoast Maine.

After our long ride today, the boys put on their culinary hats and grilled up steaks, burgers, and delicious pile of onions and three varieties of peppers that were heaped on bratwurst that was was grilled to perfection by Stevie Hawk, who has the sweetest portable propane grill going. Special thanks to the Hawk for taking the time to make reservations for us and for organizing all the little pieces that are necessary to make this over-the-top outdoor weekend a real special event. Here’s a few more shots to look back on.






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