Final Gear Report/ 150 days on the CDT

Note- complete pre-hike list with weights in Preparation section on (2/27/13)

1. Pack Group
Arc’teryx Altra 65- Water bottle mesh developed small holes. At 5 pounds, pack is too heavy, despite excellent comfort of the waist belt and shoulder straps.
Pack liner- pleased with strength of trash compactor bag.
Pack cover-

2. Shelter Group:
rain skirt- no longer made by ULA, Velcro closures detached, as did waist elastic. Required considerable trailside sewing to be functional.
-rain jacket ( Patagonia Spectre) small tears, seam separation under one arm. Repaired with McNett clear tape.
Tarptent -Moment – I wrecked the zipper, also tore the top of the vestibule. Needs professional repairs. I have never used a footprint in my life on any tent.

3. Sleeping Group:
Western Mountaineering/stuff sack, 20F- excellent, except for worn zipper pull after 2.5 thru hikes. Quick free repair by WM.
1 Ibex wool long sleeve zip T shirt- replaced by Backpacking Light’s merino hoodie.
1 Ibex long tights- sustained the whole trip, developed several large holes.
1 socks wool – handmade by my wife, sustained after three thru-hikes.
1 headlamp w/ batteries (Petzl)- fine.
1 Exped Down mat 7- heavy, but sustained the trip. Looking for lighter alternative, maybe Neo Air.
1 Exped Comfort pillow, at 8 oz.,sent home, stuffed jacket into clothes stuff sack instead.

4. Clothing :
2 pr. Darn Tough socks- both pair sustained small holes that only developed in Montana, sending them back for replacement ( lifetime warrantee).
1 pr. Manzilla Windstopper gloves – stitching separated all over both. Bought another pair in Montana.
1 Ibex wool hat- material completely went to hell all over the hat. Still wore it.
1 pr. Patagonia mid weight stretch tights- sent home, replaced with pair of Columbia zip offs due to multiple pockets, and use as shorts.
1 Western Mountaineering Hooded Flash Down jacket- lost it on trail in Wind River range. Replaced with Synthetic ” Sherpa” brand jacket.
1 pr. New Balance Minimus camp shoes- lost bushwhacking in Montana. Not replaced.
Wore out a light synthetic Patagonia shirt half way out. Bought Columbia model that did fine ( long sleeve, 2 chest pockets.)

5. Kitchen Group:
1 Steripen Adventurer- replaced w/ rechargeable Ultra model. Flawless.
1 “Four Dog” Bushcooker LT1 multifuel stove, W/ titanium windscreen,W/ Titanium cook pot 700 ml modified w/ lid 10 oz.- flawless. Used wood, alcohol, solid fuel (hexamine).
2 lighters ( Bic).
1 water bottle – used Gatorade bottle-replaced w/ 4 Platypus bags.
1 qt. water bottle ( Tiki Mon).
1 Ursak Minor – food bag- still going strong after 2 thru’s.
Bronner’s soap, 1 oz bottle.
1 spork- lost. Replaced w/ plastic spoon ( free from Wendy’s).
1 bowl=Orikaso.
1 MSR coffe filter.
2 bandannas- lost one.
1 length 50′ cord and mini carabiner-bear bagging food.

6. Hygiene Group:
1 small pack towel- sent home, used bandanna instead.
1 bottle hand cleaner
1 chap stick
1 disposable razor
1 small child toothbrush
1 small tube toothpaste

7. Electronics:
1 iPhone 4S with headphones, wall charger, and connector cable.
1 IPod shuffle
1 iPod Nano
ETrex30 GPS-Garmin
Exogear-case for iPhone, has internal battery for 1 charge of iPhone.
ANKER rechargeable battery with multiple tips for camera, Apple products, Steripen. This battery replaces Solio solar charger with ability to charge iPhone 3x’s.

8. Navigation:
Maps, pages, pencil
1 hat
1 pr. sunglasses
1 Shirt
1 pr. synthetic underwear
1 pr.
1 pr. socks (of 2pair)
1 pr. On the Beach/ boots- 4 pair
1 pr. Leki poles- no breakage !

9. First aid– small kit, badages, tape,needle, neosporin, plus emergency med prescriptions-Hydrocodone, Metronidazole, Amoxicillin,Ciprofloxacin.