Final Gear Report/ 150 days on the CDT

Note- complete pre-hike list with weights in Preparation section on (2/27/13)

1. Pack Group
Arc’teryx Altra 65- Water bottle mesh developed small holes. At 5 pounds, pack is too heavy, despite excellent comfort of the waist belt and shoulder straps.
Pack liner- pleased with strength of trash compactor bag.
Pack cover-

2. Shelter Group:
rain skirt- no longer made by ULA, Velcro closures detached, as did waist elastic. Required considerable trailside sewing to be functional.
-rain jacket ( Patagonia Spectre) small tears, seam separation under one arm. Repaired with McNett clear tape.
Tarptent -Moment – I wrecked the zipper, also tore the top of the vestibule. Needs professional repairs. I have never used a footprint in my life on any tent.

3. Sleeping Group:
Western Mountaineering/stuff sack, 20F- excellent, except for worn zipper pull after 2.5 thru hikes. Quick free repair by WM.
1 Ibex wool long sleeve zip T shirt- replaced by Backpacking Light’s merino hoodie.
1 Ibex long tights- sustained the whole trip, developed several large holes.
1 socks wool – handmade by my wife, sustained after three thru-hikes.
1 headlamp w/ batteries (Petzl)- fine.
1 Exped Down mat 7- heavy, but sustained the trip. Looking for lighter alternative, maybe Neo Air.
1 Exped Comfort pillow, at 8 oz.,sent home, stuffed jacket into clothes stuff sack instead.

4. Clothing :
2 pr. Darn Tough socks- both pair sustained small holes that only developed in Montana, sending them back for replacement ( lifetime warrantee).
1 pr. Manzilla Windstopper gloves – stitching separated all over both. Bought another pair in Montana.
1 Ibex wool hat- material completely went to hell all over the hat. Still wore it.
1 pr. Patagonia mid weight stretch tights- sent home, replaced with pair of Columbia zip offs due to multiple pockets, and use as shorts.
1 Western Mountaineering Hooded Flash Down jacket- lost it on trail in Wind River range. Replaced with Synthetic ” Sherpa” brand jacket.
1 pr. New Balance Minimus camp shoes- lost bushwhacking in Montana. Not replaced.
Wore out a light synthetic Patagonia shirt half way out. Bought Columbia model that did fine ( long sleeve, 2 chest pockets.)

5. Kitchen Group:
1 Steripen Adventurer- replaced w/ rechargeable Ultra model. Flawless.
1 “Four Dog” Bushcooker LT1 multifuel stove, W/ titanium windscreen,W/ Titanium cook pot 700 ml modified w/ lid 10 oz.- flawless. Used wood, alcohol, solid fuel (hexamine).
2 lighters ( Bic).
1 water bottle – used Gatorade bottle-replaced w/ 4 Platypus bags.
1 qt. water bottle ( Tiki Mon).
1 Ursak Minor – food bag- still going strong after 2 thru’s.
Bronner’s soap, 1 oz bottle.
1 spork- lost. Replaced w/ plastic spoon ( free from Wendy’s).
1 bowl=Orikaso.
1 MSR coffe filter.
2 bandannas- lost one.
1 length 50′ cord and mini carabiner-bear bagging food.

6. Hygiene Group:
1 small pack towel- sent home, used bandanna instead.
1 bottle hand cleaner
1 chap stick
1 disposable razor
1 small child toothbrush
1 small tube toothpaste

7. Electronics:
1 iPhone 4S with headphones, wall charger, and connector cable.
1 IPod shuffle
1 iPod Nano
ETrex30 GPS-Garmin
Exogear-case for iPhone, has internal battery for 1 charge of iPhone.
ANKER rechargeable battery with multiple tips for camera, Apple products, Steripen. This battery replaces Solio solar charger with ability to charge iPhone 3x’s.

8. Navigation:
Maps, pages, pencil
1 hat
1 pr. sunglasses
1 Shirt
1 pr. synthetic underwear
1 pr.
1 pr. socks (of 2pair)
1 pr. On the Beach/ boots- 4 pair
1 pr. Leki poles- no breakage !

9. First aid– small kit, badages, tape,needle, neosporin, plus emergency med prescriptions-Hydrocodone, Metronidazole, Amoxicillin,Ciprofloxacin.

About Tom Jamrog

I'm sixty-seven and live in the Maine woods. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2007, the Pacific Crest Trail in 2010, Vermont's Long Trail in 2011, the Continental Divide Trail in 2013, the Camino Portugese (2016), and Newfoundland's East Coast Trail (2017) . I am outdoors every day. I offer guided backpacking trips and classes in Maine, through "Uncle Tom's Guided Adventures".
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2 Responses to Final Gear Report/ 150 days on the CDT

  1. M.Pearl says:

    What a great journey! I followed along via Trailjournal. Truly inspiring and very enjoyable to read. By the way how’s the tooth?


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