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Ducktrap Forest

I like to hike in the Tanglewood forest right here in Lincolnville. I was unaware that it is also part of the Camden Hills State Park, and that there are more than 7 miles of trails there. Tanglewood encompasses over 940 … Continue reading

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Sometimes, We’re Sure It’s Gold.

Richard WIZZ and General Lee both connected with me today. I’m increasingly confident about seeing them both in April 2013, somewhere on the Mexican border in New Mexico, shouldering their backpacks north to Canada. YEEEAAAAAAGH !! Gonna make it through … Continue reading

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Fall is Hiking

So much nature coming at me, I’ve been outside rather than typing. First of all, the BEST loop up here, for my money, is the one that Auntie Mame and I took recently. In Camden Hills State Park –> Bald … Continue reading

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Effectively Using Hiking Poles: The Gas-Brake-Coast Method @ Backpacking Light

Good stuff here: Many people I see hiking don’t use poles, and a number of them that do use them clearly don’t understand the range of use that these poles provide. Be sure to check the reader comments at the end … Continue reading

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ALDHA Gathering

Now in the back seat of the Caravan with V8 at the helm and Auntie Mame riding shotgun. We’re heading back to Maine after attending the Gathering, sponsored by the Appalachian Long Distance Hiking Association these past two days at … Continue reading

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I made the Sunday Paper today.

Carey Kish wrote an article about me and a couple of my long distance hikes that appears in today’s paper. Maine Sunday Telegram

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A Real Day In Maine

Today rocked, because I spent time doing meaningful work. Translation= actual physical labor. Life for most of us in America is insular, removed from water, land, and sky. Today, I chose to bathe my actions in sunlight and meaning. In … Continue reading

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Long Trail Gear Report: What Broke, What Didn’t

I spent 25 days in August backpacking the 270 mile Long Trail in Vermont.  Here’s the lowdown on  gear that worked well, and what didn’t: Kitchen Group: Everything OK here. Nothing to be improved with the Four Dog Bushcooker LT1  … Continue reading

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How Exercize Can Strengthen the Brain

In the end, it’s all about mitochondria! Uncle Tom September 28, 2011, 12:01 How Exercise Can Strengthen the Brain By GRETCHEN REYNOLDS Can exercise make the brain more fit? That absorbing question inspired a new study at the University of … Continue reading

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