Pile ‘o Discount Flashlights

So, right after I reviewed the $110 Surefire Defender para military device, this full page ad from Ocean State Job Lot with dozens of deals shows up in the Bangor News-   “6 Pack of 9 LED Flashlights”  for $10- “Batteries Included”. You can see it below,  on the right side under the ” Halloween Glow Items”.

Ad in Bangor Daily News

I was headed up to Belfast anyways last night, and picked up a pack. Here they are:

They appear to have the same rubber end switch as the Surefire. The packaging material reads, ” 9 LED aluminum” ( yep, not plastic),  LED bulbs never need replacing last up to 100,000 hours ( verbatim) , and 18 AAA batteries included. Made in China”.

I tested a sample of batteries, and they all appeared fresh, reading 1.57 volts.  Loaded with 3 AAA’s, and with supplied lanyard attached, one flashlight weighs only 1.5 ounces.

So?  Does it even work?

I have no idea how many lumens the 9 LED units put out, but it sure ain’t 200!

When we blackened the house last night and I switched one on, ” That’s pretty bright!”  Auntie Mame exclaimed.

These things are definitely worth $1.66 each (complete with batteries).

Want one?  I’ve got a few extras.

3 thoughts on “Pile ‘o Discount Flashlights

  1. Dennis (of Dennis & Jackie)

    we go thru flashlights here like candy. maybe I’ll run up to Belfast and pick me up a pack…

    glad you’re back..have you spent the night outdoors since your return?


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