PCT Completion Medal

I met Eric Ryback on April  25th this year while I was attending the 2009 ADZPCTKO .  Eric was the first person to thru hike the PCT, back around 1970 when he just graduated from high school. Prior to his hike, it was considered impossible for a person to hike the whole thing in a single season. Eric had also contributed a chapter about his AT thu hike in the classic, now out-of-print,  two volume Rodale Press set about people who had completed the AT. After that story inspired me, I applied for and received a grant that funded an outdoor exploration/ backpacking program that was targeted at potential high school dropouts.  I credit that program with saving the lives of several young people (who are now old ) whom I still visit with in Rockland, ME.

At the gathering in April, the  PCTA made public mention of a completion medallion that  would be available to those who had completed the Trail.  Eric himself put up the funds to produce the medals, as a way of honoring those of us who sacrificed time, money, blood, sweat, and tears to walk 2,656 miles. Mine arrived in the mail today. I wept when I held it.  I’ve never been above average at any sport in my life, but after 60 years, I feel like I’m king of the world.  Thanks, Eric.

9.3 ounces of beauty

Personal Inscription - reverse side

About Tom Jamrog

I'm sixty-seven and live in the Maine woods. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2007, the Pacific Crest Trail in 2010, Vermont's Long Trail in 2011, the Continental Divide Trail in 2013, the Camino Portugese (2016), and Newfoundland's East Coast Trail (2017) . I am outdoors every day. I offer guided backpacking trips and classes in Maine, through "Uncle Tom's Guided Adventures".
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4 Responses to PCT Completion Medal

  1. Congratulations. That is incredible!


  2. Clarkie says:

    WOW! That is VERY cool and you are so very deserving of it.


  3. Bubba Nelson says:

    Way cool Tom, congrats, you have every right to be proud of the major accomplishment!


  4. sheri says:

    Oh Uncle Tom — That is just awesome!!!!!!


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