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I’m thrilled with current testing my new 4G IPod Touch, which now gives me the ability to take video and photos with the device. In the future, I can record HD video and still shots from the device and post them to the blog immediately.

Here’s a photo I just took of the page entitled For Running Shoes, It’s Fit First and Price Last in Today’s NY Times. It’s a must read for lightweight backpackers. This article sheds some light on why most folks wear shoes that are too small , and explains why buying two sizes larger could be necessary.

I looked like a clown in my over sized 14’s out there , but this clown never had to suffer through any blisters.  Anyone on the PCT who wore light running/ trekking footwear had blisters. It seemed to be a given. I credit my size 14  OTB Boots for keeping me blister free.

[Disclosure:  I was sponsored by OTB on my 2010 PCT thru hike.]

6 thoughts on “Improved, Better Posts

  1. Clarkie

    Do you have problems with slippage(?) on descents? My current boots are VASQUE Men’s Wasatch Gore-Tex Backpacking Boots. I consistently suffer severe pain in my little toes of my very wide feet to the point where the nails are blackened a few days later. Anyone have some advice for a more comfortable descent? I’m about ready to wrap the little piggies in pipe insulation! Ascents are great! I have had other boots (Old Bean’s Cresta’s?) which did not give me this problem and felt great, but wore them out.


  2. John

    Clarkie, on one hike long ago I lost three toenails because my new shoes were too small. Tears were running down my cheeks. I, too, have wide feet. The best a store can do is to sell the most appropriate fit from what it has in stock. Recently I settled for shoes that are unnecessarily long in order to accommodate the width. They are doing the job, but next time I will shop online to get what I need, not just the best a store can offer. Wide feet, wide shoes.


  3. Clarkie

    hmmm..too small…I hadn’t thought of that because I normally buy long…they feel very good ascending…I’ll have to try stretching them somehow
    thanks for the feedback


  4. Pat McNeill

    Note that Asics and New Balance running shoes come in widths. I have had a problem with requiring a wider shoe – and when you have blisters, drain them and tape them, you need an even wider shoe to accommodate the tape. Uggh! Also, the fit of a shoe required to run a 10K 3x a week is quite different from that required to hike 25 miles a day, day after day.


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