I’m Back!

Today marks the official transition back here from the six months of backpacking California, Oregon, and Washington that is documented in my Pacific Crest Trail Journal .

I’m going slow today, and enjoying my re-entry. It’s not all easy, but I’m not complaining. After all, I get to eat better. Here what my wife made me last night.

My KInd of Omlet !

Expect the start of several gear reviews in the next week.

My first one will be a report on the cooking system that I used on the trail.

I have to drive down to Portland, ME today to have my feet checked out at my podiatrist. They are not doing well. So, the foot report also coming your way.

I’ve got my bullshit detector sharpened up, and here’s the first culprit to bring to light. It’s straight out of a recent issue of Outside magazine.

What Came First ?

So here’s a freakin’ camera that Outside has chosen as ESSENTIAL to hiking a fourteen thousand foot mountain. Really ? We could stop right there, but let’s go on to the shameless hucksterism. Outside didn’t even try and hide the ad somewhere else in the magazine. A full page advertisement for that very same camera on the very next facing page of the issue? Think about it. Which came first? Could it have been the Panasonic advertising account that generated this product placement ?

3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Clarkie

    YAY!!!! My favorite author is back on-line! Sorry to hear that now that your home your feets are suffering. I have a gift subscription to Outside and often wonder at whom the magazine is targeted and draw the conclusion that it is the not so serious “outsider” with too much disposable income. There have been some very good articles though.


  2. I agree that they have some of the best articles by the best travel writer in the USA, but the gear they choose to review and feature is srrongly linked to their regular advertisers. I never realized how blatant the connection was.


  3. Hey Tom,

    Glad to see your assimilation back to the day-to-day world is going well. Hope all goes well as you move forward. I know it must be a weird sensation to deal with civilization again. Even my short forays on the trail give me that feeling.
    Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed you journal. Didn’t miss a day checking on your trials and tribulations.
    Oh yeah, on the Outside thing. I had the same problem with Backpacker a few years back and gave up on them. There is more real world stuff on some of the forums anyway.
    Second mia culpa: I have completely switched from ground camping to hammocks. Don’t think that will work on PCT, so I’m back to making sure I have a tent on-hand in case I get the chance to do the western thing. HAve a great weekend.
    Porter Morgan


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