Moving Andy 800 Miles Closer

20120526-202120.jpg800 more miles today for the Tundra beer transporter, on top of yesterday’s 644.
In Le Roy, NY we were dismayed and too early to view the Jell-O Museum.
Although it was Saturday, it still was bumper to bumper around Chicago through the middle of the day when it hit 90 degrees out. Andy’s keen on leaving the air conditioner off. He claims he can see the gas needle go down at 70 MPH, which is our speed routine- with the cruise control engaged. Andy told me today was the first and will be the only time he ever takes I-90 through Chicago. He was worked up while we suffered the worst of it, coaching me how to drive, and pleading with me not to get in an accident as little bizarre souped-up cars were jacking lanes and injecting terror into our veins. I was more than concerned that Andy’s giving the finger to one road- raged driver would result in retaliation. He needs to be ready to ride!
Right now, a high point- we just realized that we went through a time zone, so it is only 6 PM local time, instead of 7. It’s raining, but the bikes are dry in the truck bed.

20120526-201739.jpgWe just ate at a Chinese buffet. Andy sure doesn’t eat much and he seats slowly. That has to change if he’s going to make his 22 day goal.
I am desperate to watch the final game of the Celtics Philadelphia 76’ers , played at Boston Garden. Could be an adventure brewing for me in locating that game in La Crosse, WI if the Econolodge cable lineup is deficient. Andy is sitting in the driver’s seat,shaking his head.
“You are crazy. We need to have you in a good mood and up at 5 AM tomorrow. Just go to bed and look up the score in the morning.”.
A sidebar glimpse, we just passed – “Sparta, the bicycling capital of Wisconsin.

20120526-201914.jpg “Ben Bikin'” is the name given to a 32-foot-tall sculpture of a Gay Nineties cyclist atop an old high wheel contraption. Because Victorian-era bicycles were so tall anyway, this statue seems less impressive than it probably should. It was built by hometown fiberglass gurus F.A.S.T. Corp. to mark Sparta’s claim as Bicycling Capital of America.”
Celtics are ahead. There’s hope!

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