Got Older, Got Better

It’s crazy!
I am improving at biking, despite collecting Social Security.

Strava tells me it’s so.  Strava is my favorite App.

This one data set sums up my activity for 2015.
screenshot 15

I logged 406 hours of physical activity in 2015, all taking place out of doors ( no gym).  Strava is only analyzes cumulative runs and bike rides, so even my hikes are listed as runs right now. I was out for 273 activities on the 365 days when I could have logged activity.

My hourly goal for 2015 was to log 365 hours.  I beat that.

I have been using Strava for four straight years now. Strava is a motivational tool that assists me in moving my body outdoors.

Another aspect of Strava that I particularly enjoy is how Strava analyzes segments of trail and routes that I commonly ride, and compares those times as months go by.

I  am totally encouraged by the 85 personal records that I established in 2015.  Translation:  Even though I am 4 years older and supposedly in the rocking chair lineup, I am moving faster, and more efficiently than I was when I was younger. 

Take yesterday, for example.  I finally cleared the particularly challenging mess of swampy water illustrated in the photo below.  It’s a 50 foot segment on the north side of Moody Mountain that I have never been able to ride through without stopping or planting my front wheel up to the axle in mud.  The entrance is from the woods road in the upper left portion of the picture. I then pick my way down through the ruts , roots, mud pits, and rocks to exit through the bottom right side.        I cleared it!

Sure, the frozen ground helped a bit,  but still, there was moving water through the middle of this mess. I was able to ramp up my momentum when hitting this challenging segment.

Mudded up Ice Cream Truck
Mudded up Ice Cream Truck

I was also riding my Surly Ice Cream Truck fat tire bike, and the 4.7″ tires, at 5 psi, gave me the additional traction I needed to churn and advance through.

Finally !
Finally !

I’m looking forward to a great riding season here in Midcoast Maine in 2016.  I’m physically ready, and 15 pounds lighter than I normally am coming out of the cold winter.

2016 is shaping up really well so far, but I plan to get out a bit today to keep it going.

Looks good to me
Looks good to me


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