Guthook writes me up

Hey, ma, I’m in the news!

Uncle Tom’s Triple Crown attempt.<—check it out!

I had no idea that Guthook had saved these pics of me when we hiked together in Washington state in 2010.
The first pic hardly looks like me, because I weigh about as much as I did when I was 14 years old. I had lost 33 pounds, hovering at about 180. At this point I was crumbling up Pringles from two big tubes and pouring the them into one tube. I adding them to my lunches and dinners in an effort to stop losing so much weight.

Thru-hiking is the world's most unique weight loss program. You get to have fun, most every day, see the USA, and eat whatever you want, all day, every day. Can't wait!

‘Throw yourself on the Universe’ and take a hike

‘Throw yourself on the Universe’ and take a hike – Linda Hall-Stone – Rockland – Camden – Knox – The Herald Gazette.

Stephanie White is a former resident of Maine who was a 1990 graduate of Medomak Valley High School. She earned the highly coveted “Triple Crown” of thru-hiking this year, after completing her last thru-hike , this time of the Continental Divide Trail. White has previously hiked the Appalachian Trail (twice), and Pacific Crest Trail (twice). The combined miles for the three trails is roughly 7,944 miles.

On Aug. 28, 2011, Stephanie had her longest day ever on a hike- 65 miles , and Stephanie has more than 12,000 cumulative hiking miles.