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Lowest to Highest, a Backcountry Route From Badwater to Mt. Whitney, Part Three- Heat Exhaustion and Magical Desert Goldfish | CARROT QUINN

  PART 3 ( out of  4).  The best backpacking writing in November 2014 is right here. “But the endorphins of steep climbs are a thing without parallel, and that feeling you get upon reaching the top is a feeling, … Continue reading

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A Stroll Around the World – NYTimes.com

This is a really big deal.  So much looking forward to it, as the story will unfold for seven years.   It’s already thrilling.  I love the concept of Car Brain in this initial post.   A Stroll Around the … Continue reading

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Getting ready to leave blues

“You are going to come back as a feral individual. I know that’s going to happen”, said my wife Marcia yesterday. The last three days before my thru-hike attempt of the CDT were anxiety-producing and tiring. There is no downloadable … Continue reading

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Backpacker 2012 Gear Guide- a VERY quick read

It took me all of 15 minutes to read the latest incarnation of Backpacker magazine’s yearly Gear Guide.   The Editor’s Note column by Jonathan Dorn “Half the Weight, Twice the Fun started of reasonably well.  Dorn recommends owning a … Continue reading

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FSTPKR: Human power from Reno to the Bering Sea

FSTPKR: BLC to the Bering Sea.—-< Click. Now! You absolutely have to check out what Krudmeister is up to this season. It is practically inconceivable to me that someone has both the interest and the skills to undertake a solo … Continue reading

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Five PM, Five Above Zero

Riding the the back seat in my friend Tug’s car, heading over the snow covered back roads toward Hope.

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Eagle and the Overcoat

Sometimes what is real is more like a dream. It happened to me on Friday, at about 8:30 AM , driving up Route 3 to Augusta for a legislative work session where the format was not familiar to me. It … Continue reading

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Montana: Strike Two!

Thawing out tonight. Lincoln and I were thwarted in our quest to climb up Elephant Peak, MT this afternoon, due to 18 degrees, 12 MPH wind, and the snow on the gravel road too deep to reach that trail head. … Continue reading

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Spring May Have Arrived

I had a great day yesterday, combining some decent work with spending time outside.  I have been traveling to work via tiny airplane to Vinalhaven Island one day a week for the past five weeks, and the weather yesterday made … Continue reading

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Tearing away..

I am not sure in what order to list these events in my life. I know that I want to write about the winter camping trip I took last week. But right now there is something more important to me … Continue reading

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