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Still Space to Build Your Own Multifuel Backpacking Stove

Class runs one night on Tues, first week in March.  As of today-  4 spaces left. Make your own multi-fuel backpacking stove! Have fun and learn how to make a lightweight stove that you can use on day hikes and … Continue reading

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After the trail: The return of the existential despair

Occasionally I repost material written by others that I feel a connection with. Carrot Quinn has given us one of the best post-thru hike accounts of how it feels to stop walking after exercising 12 hours a day, for day … Continue reading

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How To Live In A Heated Tent

Three buddies are heading up with me to the Jackman, Maine wilds next week for a five day winter camping trip. Read another superb blog post from UK’s Paul Kirtley, blogger, wilderness bushcraft instructor, and general expert in outdoor skills. … Continue reading

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Snowshoeing to Camden Hills

After several days of now-we-have-it-now-we-don’t electricity due to one ice, and two snow storms I’m here tonight in a stone-floored, enclosed shelter with no electricity or cell service, but…. there are three bunk beds, two chairs, a wood stove, an … Continue reading

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First time out on Maine Huts and Trails

Yesterday, I changed my plan to backpack up here when the weather report scared me. Last week’s unseasonably warm Indian Summer is history. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I’m here at the Maine Huts and Trails Flagstaff hut complex.     … Continue reading

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‘North Pond Hermit’ a ‘model prisoner,’ bail set at $5,000 — Augusta — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine

I’ve received numerous comments from my post about the arrest of Christopher Knight, now dubbed “The North Pond Hermit”. Here’s an update on his continued resistance to connecting to a society he walked away from decades ago. The link brings … Continue reading

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Carey Kish: “His toughest trek beckons”

In Maine’s Sunday Telegram. Carey Kish: His toughest trek beckons | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram.

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Dozen Bubbas plus 3, 4? on Crispy Crust in the Bog

There were so many Bubbas and guests on their bikes in the frozen Bog this morning that I lost count. Jason thinks there were 16. There were so many of us that the group broke apart right at the start, … Continue reading

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Adventure Cycling: Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts Ever, 2012 Edition

This time of year, my Twitter feed is jamming up with “Top Ten” lists from 2012. While I think it’s great to compile the best from the avalanche of information that’s that’s cascading over us, most of it is just … Continue reading

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Hiking and Biking in December

Crazy weather here in coastal Maine in December. I do what I can, trying for daily outdoor sessions. A couple of days ago, it was still raining, but I had to get out-  I did a 4 mile hike from … Continue reading

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