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Improvising Through Simplifying

For the last 3 days, our house has been without electricity, due to an October 30th storm that downed power lines all over the state of Maine. We’re back into a simpler life style – out to camp. Its in … Continue reading

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Permission to Engage with the Landscape? Granted

Microadventures give me major satisfaction. These compressed experiences ignite interest in the wild spaces that surround our lives. Each morning, we wake, wash, dress, eat, and then work or play in mostly predictable patterns.  I spend my time mostly living … Continue reading

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Snowstorm+Strava=Microadventure !

I got another nudge from my son Lincoln this week. The Jamrog guys ( plus Stephanie, my one and only daughter-in-law) all use the Strava app.  If you don’t know about it, you should.  I don’t care about the competitive … Continue reading

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Hiking The Hundred Mile Wilderness – Day 2

On our second day, walking 11 miles,  all three of this Boston clan received their trail names.  It was a specific request that they all made of me coming into this adventure.  I could not guarantee that it would happen, … Continue reading

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Maine’s Tim Smith stars on Dude You’re Screwed

Looking forward to those end-of-the season college football games tomorrow?  Not so much? Then how about watching a very interesting survival scenario episode where a genuine Maine bushcraft master uses smarts, strength, and dogged determination to extract himself from extremes of … Continue reading

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A superb hike in Acadia National Park

After hiking some 8,000 miles of National Scenic trail in the past six years, I have a feel for the best segments of trail.  I found that yesterday, in Acadia National Park, 65 miles and 90 minutes away from my … Continue reading

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Walking the Trails Near Katahdin Lake – Baxter State Park

Our second full day at Katahdin Lake Wilderness Camps was so interesting. Last night I awoke to the sound of waves slapping against the sand beach below us.  I walked out on the porch to check it out and was … Continue reading

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Walking out of The Hundred Mile Wilderness

We backpacked 16 miles today in order to reach my car, that was spotted at Abol Bridge at the end of the Hundred Mile Wilderness.  I pitched it to the guys that our goal was to walk 12 miles again, … Continue reading

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Day 4- Walking Maine’s 100 Mile Wilderness

10.2 miles. Started walking today at 7 AM.  I was first to the top of Nesuntabunt in 75 minutes. As I approached the top, I passed the Jocomotive, who had been on point, and had been storming up ahead of … Continue reading

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Day 2- Walking Maine’s Hundred Mile Wilderness

Cooper Brook Falls Shelter to Potaywadjo Spring Shelter      11.3 miles I’m spoiling G-Man and The Slocomotive for any future backpacking trips. Today was that good. Here’s the deal: cool September temperatures all day long, and clear blue skies. Humidity takes … Continue reading

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