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Fitness Special—Hike Forever: Age 65 & Up – Backpacker

I’m reblogging today’s Twitter feed from Backpacker magazine.  Granted, it might have a bit limited an appeal, given that it targets us greying hikers.  While I agree with the majority of the points covered, the article contains one glaring piece … Continue reading

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For Athletes, Risks From Ibuprofen Use

The Times just  put a big kabosh on a ritual that many thru-hikers consider an essential part of the thru-hiking experience. Some typical statements from trail journals-   ” We carried Ibuprofen, but considered it more of an essential nutrient … Continue reading

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Does Advil Hurt Healing?

BOTTOM LINE: If you can live without it, maybe you should. In November of 2006 I had right side shoulder surgery.  The left one had been trimmed, reamed, and cleaned a long time before that.  I was fortunate enough to … Continue reading

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Ibuprofen: This is not a vitamin I experience !

Does Ibuprofen Help or Hurt During Exercise? By Gretchen Reynolds Many thru-hikers down a daily dosage of ” Vitamin-I” . I have been much more sparing in using Ibuprofen after my orthopedist warned me about the negative effects of frequent … Continue reading

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