Fall into Maine’s Colors

The Camden Hills are going to be at their peak in the next three weeks. Right now, it is still very low color saturation. Do you know about Maine’s Official Fall Foliage Website ?    It provides detailed reports of the progress on the colors that bedeck our State each Fall.  Go there!

Brighten up !

I have been riding and hiking in the Camden Hills State Park often these days.
Yesterday I rode for 19 miles from my house over three unpaved roads ( Martin’s Corner, Mullins Bog, and Thurlow Road) in order to reach the Ski Lodge trail Road in Camden Hills state park were The Brewmaster and I then rode to the top of Cameron Mountain ( 811’) and then back down the unmanicured extension of the Cameron Mountain Trail down to the Youngtown Road and back.  On the way down from Cameron I picked a couple of boletus mushrooms that I cut up and am drying in the upstairs of my garage.  It is now possible to ride ( without  dismount)  the discontinued section of the Thurlow Road.

I’d also encourage readers to book a night or two in the Ski Shelter right in the center of the park.

Ski Shelter in Winter

The price is right at $32.10 a night for up to 7 campers, where there will be cut  dry firewood, water from a nearby stream, bunks ( for 6), and clean outhouse ( with toilet paper). It is legal to ride bikes from either Route 1 or from Stevens corner to get there, but walking from either end with your gear won’t take more than 3 miles.   Contact the Ranger at the park to reserve  at (207) 236-3109 ( until Oct. 15, and after  10/15 at 236-0849).

Has anyone else stayed there ?