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Uncle Tom’s CDT Packing List

Did I forget anything?Comments, please. All comments answered. 1. Pack Group: 1 Backpack – HMG Porter…………………                  31.0 ounces Total……………………………………………..                   31. ounces =  1.9 lbs. 2. Shelter Group: rain wrap                                            … Continue reading

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Bushwhacking to the Boil Up

I get the call, I go. I just can’t resist walking on a trail in the woods with a companion. This morning Craig, his dog Fudge, and I headed up toward Spruce Mountain for our first boil-up of 2012. Walking … Continue reading

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Long Trail Gear Report: What Broke, What Didn’t

I spent 25 days in August backpacking the 270 mile Long Trail in Vermont.  Here’s the lowdown on  gear that worked well, and what didn’t: Kitchen Group: Everything OK here. Nothing to be improved with the Four Dog Bushcooker LT1  … Continue reading

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Bushcooker LT1: Long Term Use Report

In 2009, I received a product from Four Dog Stove to test. The reader is referred to my 2009 review of the Bushcooker LT1 . That review details factual data about stove weight, size, and performance details, which will not … Continue reading

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Even More Baking on the titanium Bushcooker Lt 1

Second variation– tin can setup, using three standard charcoal briquettes, and 1 oz. alcohol in shoe polish lid under the burner. This time I used two tin cans: a used 10 3/4 oz. tin can (Campbell’s soup), and a 11 … Continue reading

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Baking with the titanium Bushcooker Lt1

Baking with this stove is best accomplished using charcoal. In this experiment, I used three commercial charcoal briquettes. I felt it would be easier and more standardized to use them here. In the Northeast, there is ample charcoal left in … Continue reading

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New titanium Backpacking Wood Stoves!

I got a UPS package from Don Kevilus at Four Dog Stoves at 6 PM last night, just as I was ready to go out for pizza with Marcia.  The box had two brand new ultralight backpacking titanium wood stoves … Continue reading

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