Riding the Bog in December

photoIt was 11 when I left the house and 18 degrees out when eleven Bubbas in the Woods folks rode in Rockland’s Bog this morning. screenshot

“You ride all year and sometimes don’t get conditions this good out here,” stated Rigger as he and I exited the woods and climbed up  to meet up and regroup before the next high-speed descent.  Good means frozen.  The Bog gets-well-  boggy in the autumn season, where we’re at, at least for one more day.   When it’s frozen ground, you don’t sink into moss, into deep piles of met leaves, into water, so much.  You roll quicker.

There is definitely ice here- two types.  We have hoar frost, which occurs when exposed ground is subject to freeze/thaw cycles, resulting in huge crystals that are not able to support weight.  You are riding along and bang- suddenly your front wheel drops into the ground.  You might or might not go over the handlebars.  Then there are regular sheets of ice that occur when pools of water freeze solid.  We go around them when possible, but when not possible you stay off the brakes and try to keep steady and just hope you don’t land on a hip, or break through the ice.

Here’s a very cool 6 minute YouTube video of today’s Bog ride recorded and posted by John Anders. John is following me after the initial bridge section- I’m with the white jacket on the white bike. Our favorite frog is at min 4:45. Check out the up and downs on the dreaded Meatgrinder (along the stream with ice on both sides). John closes with some scary, scary ice at the end.  It’s all good.