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The Poles take on Himalaya Winter Climb ( 2008) – National Geographic Magazine

I just read this 2008 article from National Geo. magazine. The Polish climbers of the 1980’s and 1990’s evolved into the toughest group of Himalayan mountain climbers that the world has ever known. They focused on winter ascents of all … Continue reading

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Flashback to today’s date in 2013

I’m in Montana again for a week! It feels so good to be here- mostly due to waking up to 43 degrees outside our room here at the Lewis and Clark Motel.  I am so pleased to be out of … Continue reading

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The New Adventure Library | Outside Online

Summer is just one week away. I’m buying a reclining chair to laying out here on Lincolnville Beach, and launch into a few of these recommended adventure books. Heck, I maybe even bring the iPad Mini (in a baggie) and … Continue reading

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From Nepal April 26th, 2015 about medical and nursing volunteers in #Nepal after the earthquake

My friend Joe is in Nepal this year teaching rural nurses to save souls. He himself has saved more than one life.  We never know when we are called back.  Bless you , Joe.  I am relieved the hear that … Continue reading

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Carrot’s book is FREE on Amazon right now

I’ve pre-ordered the print version via Kickstarter, but the Kindle version is free on Amazon right now. Carrot Quinn may just outdo Wild with her first book. She’s also going to attempt a thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail this … Continue reading

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Hiking Tip: Careful with that ibuprofen, Eugene !

I’m putting out a short series of hiker tips, given the eventual melting of snow outside my window that will eventual lead to starting up again backpacking season once again. People have started thru hiking the Appalachian Trail in droves … Continue reading

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Death of Young Woman on Mount Washington

“The single-minded determination that drives people to climb mountains in the first place is the same quality that can doom them.”-Boston Globe Not Without Peril  just picked up another sorry story.  That book is fascinating read that chronicles he over … Continue reading

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