Embracing Risk

Hank Lunn and I are co-leading a 90 minute workshop at Maine Coast Men’s weekend gathering of men. We were inspired to share our enthusiasm ( and fears) about if after reading the national bestseller Stealing Fire.

Consider attending! The price is right, and the risk of the weekend experience has proved to be transformative for many of us men.

For more info, including registration form and details go to mainecoast men.com .

2 thoughts on “Embracing Risk

  1. Jonathan Purinton

    Hi Tom, glad you are feeling well. The current administration is more open to starting a Jericho Circle Project group in the Maine prison in Warren. I enrolled in initiation weekend intensive developed by the ManKind Project called the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) about six years ago. I think you would like the NWTA and it is good training for men interested in facilitating JCP groups in prison. A NWTA weekend is scheduled in two weeks near Boston. John Carboni is signed up for it. Is this something you might be interested in participating in? If so, more info. is available at NWTA.mkp.org . My phone is 2077066599.


    1. Jonathan, thanks for thinking of me. I have my hands full right now with Marcia and I recovering from the flu, plus she was just diagnosed with pneumonia. I have too many things on my plate right now to take on another project. Have much work as a school psych to try and finish up right now as well. We just had to cancel a trip out to Montana to visit Lincoln that would have left tomorrow. I really need things to quiet down over the summer. Hope you and Gerta are well.


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