Day 9 East Coast Trail- Witless Bay to Roaring Cove Campsite

 50,356 steps via Fitbit.      Or    15.5 miles 

Phew! I appreciated Bad Influence’s grit for the last 90 minute of hiking today, which began at 7 am and ended at 5:30 pm. I was leading for most of the day but I started flagging at the end and he took over.  
We initially made great progress, with reaching 5 miles by 9 am and then 10 by noon.

 We took a break at a bakery in Burnt Cove where I had a cup of coffee, a fresh blueberry muffin and also a huge cinnamon roll. The woman that owned it and baked the goods told us she wants to sell. It’s in an astoundingly beautiful oceanfront location overlooking the highly interesting Ship Island.  BI and I talked about how perfect it would be to open a hiker hostel there but I expect that the real estate alone would be very expensive, even in these tiny villages by the sea.  

Whales were everywhere again today but it was very windy, with gusts up to 25 mph. It also rained from about 10 am until 4, which made the trail muddy, slippery and saturated out socks and footwear once again. It was a long hard day. 

 It also didn’t help that we wasted almost two miles taking the wrong trail after walking off the suspension bridge in LaManche. 

 A most unique encounter occurred today. It happened in the last hour of the day when we met a young couple walking up the trail toward us. They looked at me and asked, “Are you from Maine?” Then, “You’re Uncle Tom, right?” Then I recognized  Bret and Magic,  two backpackers that I had helped in The Hundred Mile Wilderness last September when I was guiding a client through there. I met them at the Rainbow Stream shelter when they discovered that they were low on food. I always carry extra meals and gave them food. They remembered that I was talking up the East Coast Trail even then. It certainly is a small world, this long distance backpacking community. What are the chances? 

 BI and I disturbed a nesting eagle by walking past it’s property this morning. It made a ruckus and the started flitting over the trail when I hightailed it out of there. I know that hikers have been dive bombed by pissed off hawks and a huge freaking eagle would do serious damage to one’s head if it hit you with its claws or beak. 

There is a couple here from Holland hiking for only 2 days out of their 1 month Canadian vacation. They are so impressed with this trail that they plan to hike it all next summer. 

Bad Influence’s turned ankle is getting better. He had a habit of really pushing when he is hiking in front. He says he can’t help it. I can’t keep up with him.  
Tomorrow we will reach Cape Broyle, where I need to purchase 2 more days of food. It will have to work out at the Ultramar convenience store, because that’s it. 

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