Day 6 East Coast Trail: Motion Path

 Start: Petty Harbor          End: Miner’s Cove Campsite 

26,500 steps                Mileage 8.0 miles 

A true Newfoundland breakfast was prepared for us by Mary at 8 this morning at Wild Roses B & B. In addition to the ever delicious lassi tutons, a 1/3 pound slab of crispy black sausage graced my plate of toast and eggs. Bad Influence asked Mary what it was and she first tried, ” You don’t want to know” on him. He persisted, and was met with a, “Don’t ask.” Polish sausage of this same nature is called kishka (blood sausage).   My band, King Pirogi, performs the classic Polish drinking song, ” Who Stole the Keeshka” and I’m thrilled to finally eat a sample.  

We had a late start of 10:45 today after hitting the grocery store for a couple more days of resupply ( I’m now carrying three days worth of meals) and finally changing US dollars into Canadian money at 74%. $100 US nets $126 Canadian. 

World class hiking returned today on this stretch, which was characterized by more rolling ups and downs over boggy peat flanked by heather that was waist high on the slopes.  Trees were scarce until the end of the day. Wet feet were inevitable, with copious pools of water standing in the trail after last night’s rain. I find myself enjoying wet feet here. I’m sporting new footwear ( New Balance Leadvilles) after a 10 year run of New Balance military desert boots and I’m quelling a blister on the tip of one of my toes. The cool wet helps.  
Just before we found our campsite, we came upon vestiges of civilization at the junction of the Pipeline Road at Shoal Bay, where there was once a year round fishing settlement, a copper mine, and the former sewer line from Goulds. Tonight, we scored a primo tent site on a flat grassy rise, complete with a pit toilet for our morning enjoyment.  
There are 2,500 humpback whales around Newfoundland right now moving north. We see and hear them surfacing all day long.
Here are some shots taken on the trail today: 

Pitcher plant in the trail


Green world

The winding trail ahead

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