Day 4 on the Eastern Trail 

Start: Quidi Vidi. End: Gut Freshwater Pond (Campsite E.)
Steps: 28,000          Miles 9.1 (15 k)

Easy day. We woke and walked down to have a decent breakfast at the Bagel Cafe. Huge cups of rich coffee and a big breakfast of fried bologna, eggs, home fries and toast did the trick.  Then it was back to the hostel to pack up silently and slip away without awakening our room mates, Karen and Maxie. A $9 taxi ride ( Jiffy taxi) brought us back a couple of miles to where we fatigued out last night at the Quidi Vidi Brewery.
From there, it was urban road walking through Signal Hill and along the road that hugged the harbor. We stopped for coffee at a Starbucks and took a break. Approaching Fort Amherst near the entrance to the harbor, we met a local woman out for a walk who gave us a rock with a fossil in it. She didn’t understand why I wouldn’t pack it up and carry it home.

Then came a very sunny and hot walk, where I unfurled my trusty umbrella, creating a shade circle I could use to keep myself from getting overheated.
We ended the day early, as we agreed to do. There is a massive barachois of rocks separating the Freshwater Pond from the sea. Upon arriving at Gut Freshwater Pond both of us dove in the fresh water side for a invigorating and cleansing swim. 
Lots of folks came and went as we settled into our campsite. It’s Saturday, and the locals are recreating as well. There is room enough for all of us here, for sure.

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