Morning Greeting with the Foxes : Day 2 

Start:  Shoe Cove      End:  Torbay

Mileage: 24K ( 14.5 miles)

I walked to a seriously soaked this morning after condensation passed through the open screening and saturated my sleeping bag and everything else that was inside.    A few minutes after I was out of the tent I was surprised by the presence of a small gray dog-like creature that was a grayish and black fox which was soon accompanied by its mother. They had no fear of us so I immediately suspected that the foxes might have rabies and threw a couple of rocks in their direction and they ran off into the thick brush.
I’m only a little frustrated by the measured distances that are published on the maps that are sold by the East Coast Trail. They seem they are registering 15-20% less than my corresponding mileages tracked by both Strava and Fitbit. Tomorrow I’ll run my Garmin eTrex 30, which should settle whether there is a true discrepancy.

Bad influence took some dramatic footage from his drone today. He was able to get the little unit out over the water and film back into a huge waterfall that was dropping several hundred feet onto a rocky beach. 
The trail today became more varied. It included a long descent along the edge of a beautiful meadow bordered with wildflowers. We started the hike a third of the way into map N#4, then completed all of map N#3, and we’re now set to start map N#2. The maps have great detail, including dates of shipwrecks, with five of them documented on this map. I’m a bit concerned about a missing kilometer’s worth of trail at the end of today’s first map. Hopefully we’ll get the answer from local folks who we might see on the trail today.
I’ve included here most of today’s hike. It was cut short at the end. We’re staying in the See the Sea B& B here in Torbay.   There are no motels here, and I slept on the floor at the foot of BI’s double bed. It was the only room left for us. Sandra is a great host, but I would not want her dusting bill. Knicknack city. Looking forward to a Newfoundland breakfast soon.

Another glorious day outside awaits us.

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