Massachusetts hiker, 26, found dead after Christmas Eve hike in White Mountains, from the The Boston Globe

Hypothermia grants no special deals for previous experience.  Very difficult for me to read, understand, and consider.  

“Jack Holden had been at home in the forest since he was a Cub Scout. On Saturday, he had a pack full of gear, including a locator he could activate if he got in trouble.”

Read full story here:  Boston Globe article

5 thoughts on “Massachusetts hiker, 26, found dead after Christmas Eve hike in White Mountains, from the The Boston Globe

  1. isn’t there supposed to be a link? here’s one:

    very sad to see that an experienced hiker whose resume includes having checked off all the right boxes ( Eagle Scout, etc) would succumb. It was evidently 32 and raining – the same storm I avoided when driving south. There is an argument to be made for taking a look and deciding to go home and sit by the fire with hot cocoa. I am not afraid to turn around and I’ve grown more cautious the older I get.


  2. Thanks for the heads up, Joe. There is occasionally a mismatch when I try to automatically “Press this” to linked articles. I think I fixed it. Hopefully, tou won’t need to address hypothermia while in FLA.


  3. When I trained for my EMT certification many years ago, our instructors informed us that a surprising number of deaths from “exposure” (hypothermia) occur in temperatures in the 60°F range….and that the body loses heat to an exponential degree when wet (includes sweating on exertion and cooling at rest).
    Much ado is made in some quarters, therefore, about “hydroohobic” insulation materials, i.e. “Climashield/Lamilite”, though opinions vary widely.


  4. Jennifer Sinclair

    Words that I have read is that “Hypothermia sneaks upon you”. It is deceiving. so we must heed what the writer (Curran) says above. Along with Joe N. (above), I too find this article about Jack Holden so difficult to read.


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