Hundred Mile Wilderness : Day 3

Shari and I have cranked out 33.5 miles over the 48 clock hour since we’ve started hiking from Abol Bridge at 1 PM two days ago. It was 3 pm when we pulled into Potywadjo Shelter today , giving us plenty of free time before we head to our tents for bed sometime after 7 pm.     It’s easy to make miles in this section of The Hundred Mile Widerness. The trail is as flat as it gets in Maine, with the exception of this nasty 2,000 uplift called Nesuntabunt Mountain. From the north, the ascent of 1,000 feet takes place over a two mile approach, while the northward bound hiker gets just a half mile to climb it.  

     Last night we ended up camping a bit over a mile off the AT. I didn’t expect to spend a night at Pollywog West tent site within the Namakhanta Public Lands, but there we end up. It was all due to water. I wanted to head up and camp part way up Nesuntabunt. But we were both out of water and the map shows no visible sources. So I spotted the off trail tent site and we decided to call it a day and head over.  

    It was a nice surprise. We accommodated at a couple of flat spots for our tents, right beside the shore of the pond. There were also smooth granite ledges that we sat on to fix our meals. We even visited the Upper Falls above Pollywog Pond. It was a most impressive ending to our second hiking day.   


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