Walking Again Toward The Atlantic

“There he is again,” exclaimed Marcia after we heard our first rooster crowing as we started walking today. It happens every day out here, no matter whether we are in a city approaching half-million like Vigo or if we are walking through the most rural little village by the sea coast.

The walking was hard today. We had constant uphills for the first part of the morning and it really showed by the end the day. Check out my Strava profile for the 15 miles that we covered today.

I would advise anyone who is on a restrictively diet to really consider their impending struggle in Galatia. For example, Galacian cafes lay out breakfasts with the best coffee, espresso (€1 or €.60), cream, butter, fresh breads, chorizo, and cured meats like bacon that you can imagine. Breakfast is usually under €7 for two. 

FYI, good wine is €1 a liter
The landscape is changing again. I am noticing broad expanses of wheat fields, cows in pasture, and corn.  We are approaching the sea again. There were over 50 modern windmills placed on the highest points of land. 

Our lodging tonight is the Albergue Santa Marina. The cost is $10 per person. We elected to have the fixed price meal complete with wine, two courses, fresh bread, and dessert for eight euros each.


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