Camino: Vigo is the World’s Tiny Dog Capital

We made our miles today without too much effort. After a quick breakfast at the hotel we started our first leg to Vigo. Half the population of my home state on Maine would fit in the greater Vigo area. It was easy getting through the center of town when the Atlantic was right on our shoulders.
The air was crisp and cool. Marcia was a powerhouse today,as we made 16 miles between 8:30 am and 4 pm. She also did better than me at finding the yellow arrows that are sometimes a bit dodgy to see.

We did the right thing by checking in at the Info booth on the waterfront. With the help of the attendant, we modified our original plan to stick to the coast as long as possible. She highlighted a direct street route to connect to the more interior option, rather than subject us to what she described as an excessively steep climb from the seaside route later on in the morning. The walk today included 10 miles walking along on an elevated contour interval at around 400 feet in elevation. We alternated between verdant shady gravel paths and small settlements of houses.
It is Sunday today and there were so many mountain bikers, hikers , dog walkers, and runners moving with and against us.
I thought of my pals, The Bubbas, who were also riding the hills outfit New England this morning. I my bikes and their company.
Did you know that this area is also the tiny dog capital of the world ? It is. We saw a half dozen JacK Russel and many dozens of Yorkies moving determining along their own caminos.
Staying in a 16th century stone albergue for €6 each tonight where we met and then went to dinner with Julia ( Germany) and Karen ( Ashville, NC). We hope to walk with them tomorrow.

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