Too Many Miles Coming Too Soon

Today we overextended. The path we are walking is not yet well documented in our new Brierley book. That resulted in my misinterpretation in planning mileages. I planned a 15 mile day, due to where the recommended albergue was located. We ended up walking 19 miles.      We started at 8:50 am and ended at 4:40 pm.

I felt really bad that I subjected Marcia to such a long day on our third day out, but we pulled together this afternoon, and the last 5 miles were very interesting, which helped pass the time.

The morning started with an exceptional walk along the crashing Atlantic, on miles of elevated, brand new boardwalks.

The air was cool and soothing, but the humidity was 95%, resulting in drenching sweat.
I employed my brand new chrome dome umbrella to ward off the sun’s ray.

I put my straw hat away for the day and enjoyed the wind blowing through my hair.

I also am making a practice of speaking as many Portugese phrases as practical. I keep Rick Steeve’s phrase book right in my front pocket and refer to it constantly.
We detoured around a massive soccer train complex before lunch.

I continue to be stunned by how cheap food is in Portugal. Excellent coffee and beautifully presented pastries usually tally 4 Euros 🍵. The big lunch that we had today was €14. These prices are for two.

Here is a view from a bridge that we crossed outside of Fao.

The village was ancient and had this monument right on our path.

At the alberge tonight in Marhinas I snagged a ride to a local market. I came back with a bag full of real food that we will have for supper and breakfast, including a bottle of plus tomorrow’s snacks that totaled €14.
I am so tired right now that I have to sign off. We started today in Pova Barzim and ended in Marinhas. We passed through Santo Andre, Orbitur, ate lunch in Fao, and went through Esposende. Twenty freaking miles is coming too early for this duo.

Here is a picture of the free alberge (donations accepted) we stayed in tonight.

We are making some new friends tonight.  There are ten of  us staying here.  Lest my readers think the vibe here is ancient and pure, there is also plenty of hip to be found here, like these two.

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