Hiking the Appalachian Trail – Rodale Press- reblog from PMags.com

An overview of a seminal two-volume set about the early years of the Appalachian Trail. A compendium of some of the first 46 people to travel this storied path.

Source: Hiking the Appalachian Trail – Rodale Press | PMags.com


My comment to Mags:

I just happen to be re-reading the same Rodale Press AT set right now. I don’t have my own set, but my sister-in-law and hiker, V8 let me borrow her  books for a reread- my third time.  My favorite story is by Eric Ryback, then a high school student. In the late 70’s I started up a high school program here in Maine where we took disaffected students and put together a drop-out prevention program for them that included a week on the AT in Maine just before they entered high school, and then weekly group therapy, and an English class that featured Eric’s 72 pages of writing. We all went out out for canoeing, backpacking, and skiing trips back along the AT for one weekend outing a month. LLBean and Hurricane Island Outward Bound School assisted us with additional gear and occasional staff.  I needed all the help I could get.   Eventually I met Eric in CA at a PCT event where I was able to thank him for writing that chapter, inspiring me to get young people out into the wilderness and also fund my PCT thru hike completion medal. Thanks so much for an excellent post.  This September I am back out again,  guiding three novice hikers,  through Maine’s Hundred Mile Wilderness. One of them is in his 70’s.  It’s come full circle.  This series opened my eyes once.  I loved what I saw. Still do.

One thought on “Hiking the Appalachian Trail – Rodale Press- reblog from PMags.com

  1. I love to hear that this volume of great stories is still valuable to trail lovers. Its such a classic now, and so rich! Thanks for passing it along here! xo


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