Day1 Riding Vermont’s Kingdom Trails.


Big day riding my upgraded Santa Cruz Tallboy on Vermont’s Kingdom Trails. I’m here for three days of riding on one of the top ten mountain bike parks in the USA. There are 10 Bubbas in the Woods folks on this inaugural trip for the 2015 season.
We completed 12 miles today after the long ride over from coastal Maine. There is just no easy direct route from Lincolnville to East Burke.
I’m riding a bike that has taken considerable cash to upgrade for this season. My bike is three years old now. I trashed the Rockshox Recon fork that came with the bike and decided to pony up for a more substantial replacement shock, which unfortunately set me back close to $1000. I also needed a new wheel to match the larger diameter axle that paired with the Rockshox Revelation fork that I’m running now.
I also just shelled out $150 for a new rear Shimano SLX disc brake assembly after trashing the Avid caliper that came with the bike. One of the pistons seized as well as fractured.
I also opted to get a dropper post. While I have been content to slide my ass off the back of my saddle and drop my butt down over the rear wheel on the steep and rough downhill segments that I encounter, a dropper post instantly accomplishes that with the click of a handlebar lever. I bought a Gravity Dropper post from a US company from Montana. Another $300.
But today it was all worth it.
The Bubbas are rough on bikes. I’m at the two hundred pound with level, and the trails that we regularly ride are rocky, uneven, and very rough. If these modern bikes are built better and are capable of absorbing the hits and drops on our challenging trails, then many of us are working around our knees, shoulders, and back parts that are wearing out in parallel with our mountain bicycles.

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