Sleeping Wild Close to Home

I’m continuing efforts to sleep outside in locations within walking distance from my house.  We’re fortunate in Maine right now to be experiencing a cold front, just at the same time that the pesky, painful black flies would be a major player in any outdoor activity.  The cold stopped them last night, plus the wind.

I spent the night on top of Moody Mountain  with two of my backpacking pals, General Lee and General Tso.  Tso came up from Bath and Lee has been living in Costa Rica since we hiked the Continental Divide Trail together in 2013. The three of us spent months together thru hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2007.  The last time we were together was in 2011.

We decided to head up to sleep on top of Moody Mountain, cowboy style, on the spur of the moment. Tso had not planed to spend the night, but around 9:30, after it got dark, I asked Marcia to shuttle us up Moody Mountain Road, where she dropped us off at the start of an old abandoned woods road that led us up to the broad rocky, lichen and moss covered ledges that make up the top.

All we took with us were sleeping bags, pads, and backpacks to carry them in. I spent my second night in my new bivvy bag.  Simplicity itself.  We lounged  around on our pads jabbering away under the stunning expanse of stars until the wind and the cold were persistent enough that we retreated to the warmth of our down sleeping bags.

Lee and Tso atop Moody
Lee and Tso atop Moody

We awoke just before the sun rose at 5 AM, an orange glow in the eastern sky.  Tso had a long way to drive to attend a Memorial Day weekend event with his family, and Lee and I wanted to get in a bike ride before we headed off to Marcia’s own family celebration in Newcastle.

It took all of a minute to stuff the sleeping kits into our backpacks when we headed back along the ridge, then followed a rough and often obscure trail that dumped us out back on High Street where we made it back to the house.

Two Generals:  Lee and Tso
Two Generals: Lee and Tso

We were back at the house by 6:10 AM. Definitely worth a repeat, but it won’t be so easy when the mosquitoes rule the night. Maybe the tent for next time up there ?

[Please respect the landowner’s rights if you camp out like this.  I have permission from my neighbor to do what I do on her property.]






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