The snow’s gone- so are my studded mountain bike tires

I absolutely loved riding my Pugsley on the trails on and around Ragged Mountain today.  I have been waiting for this ride all winter- my first, where there’s solid ground is under my 4” wide tires instead of snow, ice, slush, and mud.  I rode surprisingly well.
14 Bubbas of the Woods suited up to hit the trails around the Camden Snow Bowl, where we departed from parking at the tennis courts.

A full dozen o" Bubbas clumped up above Massey Falls
A full dozen o” Bubbas clumped up above Massey Falls

Back in December, we were able to move back and forth between the Snow Bowl parking lot and the Rollins Road trails by riding over the ice on Hosmer Pond.

Ian showing off on Hosmer Pond in December
Ian showing off on Hosmer Pond in December

Initially, we headed over to the superbly constructed Rollins Rod roller coaster. This evolving project is as good as gold to us.  There’s nowhere closer where the flow is as extensive as it is here, all accessed through the little slot at the end of Rollins. This is a place where you just open up, and forget worrying about unexpected roots, rocks, or streams that might interrupt the fast swooping.
There was some mud.  Here’s proof:

Nelon's pedal, jammed up with wood
Nelon’s pedal, jammed up with wood

And his Mukluk with a drive train that’s going to need a shower:


Here’s the ride:

2f4339e9-db54-4fcc-9d6e-82aad5097386Once again, I enjoyed accumulating the data, via my Strava app.

e77dbb5d-67cc-416d-999e-a1493b0b52ebI had my chest strap/heart rate monitor linked to my trusty Etrex30 GPS. (handlebar stem mounted).  Fifty-six percent of the 2 hours and 15 minutes of hard riding had me pumping out 145-160 beats per minute (BPM). I am very surprised to see that I spent 26 minutes in the 165-186 BPM zone.    I’ve kicked off the start of the warmer weather biking season weighing under 200, some 15 pounds lighter than have been for this time of year.

I may have my Medicare card, but I’m still good with my heart.

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